There are many forms of dancing and it has always been a part of the human culture and rituals. Dancing is a form of expression, a form of art and it comes in various forms such as ballet, salsa, folk dance, tango, rumba, cha-cha, swing, flamenco, belly dance, contemporary dance, disco dance and many, many others. That’s why this activity, which sometimes can be competitive, has a lot of health benefits. Are you curious which are the dancing health benefits?

Going to the gym can be really boring sometimes. Workouts can be made fun just by staying at home, putting on your favourite music and just letting yourself loose with it. Regardless of how you put it, dancing is healthy. That’s why we will talk about the dancing health benefits. You might enjoy some of them!

 Dancing Health Benefits

#1 Energy Booster 

dancing health benefits

Dancing is an excellent form of exercise if you want to increase your energy level. After a hard day at work, dancing on music pumping can bring back the flagging energy. It helps in releasing the endorphins which are also known as happy hormones. So, when you have a hard day, you know what can get your spirit back (and up). This is one of the most important benefits when talking about all the dancing health benefits.

#2 Aerobic Workout

dancing health benefits

If you have missed your workout, you needn’t worry. Dancing can be a great aerobics workout. It not only increases the heart rate but also helps in lowering cholesterol level. It is an excellent way of keeping your heart in shape. It also strengthens bones and, as a result, it reduces the occurrence of osteoporosis which hits women after they reach the age of 30. So, ladies why not groove to your favourite music and your bones will thank you.


#3 Weight Loss

dancing health benefits

Another important dancing health benefit is the fact that it helps you lose weight. If you have been planning to get into that sexy bodycon dress, dancing can help you get there. Of course, if you are jumping around, you will surely lose weight. In fact, dancing workouts like Zumba can quickly help you reach your desired weight. With a balanced diet and a workout of dance, five days a week, you will notice that you not only lose weight but also become toned.

#4 Improved Coordination & Stamina

dancing health benefits

Dancing can help with improving coordination of our bodies which slows down as we age. It teaches us balance which we start losing as we age. If we start dancing for a long period of time, we will see that our bodies have increased endurance. We have more stamina for our other work.

#5 Mental Benefits

dancing health benefits

A research says that dancing helps in improving your brain power. If we dance on a regular basis we can not only boost our memory but also reduce the risks of dementia and other neurological diseases. So yes, dancing makes you smarter. Dancing is also known to reduce anxiety, increase self-esteem and prevent depression. Yes, this is another great benefit when it comes to all dancing health benefits.

#6 Flexibility

dancing health benefits

Dancing regularly helps increase flexibility. Dance forms like ballet help in improving flexibility and reducing stiffness in the body. This also helps you become graceful and have a correct body posture. Remember what our parents and teachers always used to tell us when we were little? “Stand up straight”!

#7 Social Benefits

dancing health benefits

When you join any dance class, you meet new people. You make friends, you expand your social circle. Friends help you in growing, they make you happy and support you living life to fullest. In fact, if you are new to the town, dancing classes are your passport to making new friends. You never know, you might end up meeting the future love of your life. Give it a try!

#8 Relieving PMS

dancing health benefits

Ladies, this dancing health benefit is especially addressed to us. There are dance forms like belly-dancing which help in relieving congestion in the pelvic area. This helps in reduction of stress and thus, symptoms of PMS can be relieved. Another powerful health benefit, to get off your couch and groove to the beats.

#9 Creativity Enhancer

dancing health benefits

Dancing can help you get creative as it is a great way of expressing your feelings. Your creativity gets tapped and is a great way to have some serious fun in your life! When it comes to dancing, it has no cultural barriers, that’s why human interaction can take you in a creative place and space.


#10 Self-Esteem Increase

dancing health benefits

When mastering the art of dancing, you get a sense of accomplishment. You will see a great improvement in yourself. People might notice you more and you become more confident with and in your life. You have a greater regard for yourself. It fights depression and promotes self-confidence and self-discipline. It gives you a state of well-being and provides harmony.

#11 Suitable For All Ages

dancing health benefits

You needn’t be a hip youngster to go dancing. People of all ages can enjoy dancing, that’s the great thing about it. You just have to pick your kind of dancing form. If you are in the mood for slow dances like a waltz or love faster beats of salsa, there are all kinds of classes. If you can’t join classes, no worries, there are all kinds of videos to teach you dancing. Groove with the motto of “Have feet, will dance”.

Many studies have shown and demonstrated the importance of staying healthy and maintaining a balanced mind, body and spirit. A fun and stress-free way to do all of these is to start dancing and to read more about the importance of the dancing health benefits. As you have probably guessed it there is no downside when it comes to dancing, so put on your dancing shoes and start doing it!

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