Creative Ways to Promote an Event: Get More People to Come than Ever Before!

//Creative Ways to Promote an Event: Get More People to Come than Ever Before!
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Marketing is key in any industry, from commercial business to political campaigns. But, arguably the place where marketing is the most important is in the business of hosting events. Events are all about the hype surrounding them, and their success can only be measured in attendance figures.

If you have an upcoming event and need to get the word out about it fast, you may think that your efforts are going nowhere. But, there are strategies you can take to improve your event’s notoriety.

Here are 5 creative ways to promote an event.

1. Promotional Products

While it may seem like spreading the word is important, people respond best to things they can touch and see. This actual presence will keep your event bright and alive in their memory and will make the event seem more real and convincing to attend.

If you want people at your event, invest in promotional products. These can range from pamphlets that you distribute to laptop stickers and lanyards from The Lanyards Factory. This tangible attention to your event will be sure to attract more attendees.

2. Reward Your Past Attendees

If your event is an annual or bi-annual occurrence, be sure to reward those that attended the event in the past! This will entice them to return to your event and will give you a good base of attendees to grow from.

These rewards can come in various forms, from discounts on future tickets to special gift packages or promotional items.

3. Utilize Social Media

In this 21st century, social media legitimizes everything and spreads news quickly. If you want your event to succeed, use social media effectively in order to raise awareness.

You will want to make sure that you build a page for your event, inviting people to RSVP. You may also want to ask people to share your event’s information, in order to use your attendees to spread the word.

4. Focus on the Big-Ticket Item

Every event has one main focus that attracts the largest population. Whether that’s a top music artist performing or a keynote speaker, that focus will be your main source of revenue.

If you want creative ways to promote an event, be sure to focus them around the big-ticket item. Always discuss and remind people about this item, or build up anticipation when announcing what this focus will be.

5. Consider Your Target Audience

When promoting your event, be sure to consider who your target audience is and market to them. If you’re looking to attract college students, slap your event’s logo on some beet bottles or pong balls.

If your clientele is older, look to promote your event through riveting talks, giveaways, and promotional sponsorships. Be sure to cater to your audience and approach them in ways that make sense. For example, you won’t get a lot of college students to your event advertising it on old radio stations!

Do You Need More Creative Ways To Promote An Event?

These are just a few ways to promote your event. There are other strategies, including hiring business sponsors and hosting public rallies.

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