Cosmetic Surgery Tips: A Beginner’s Guide

//Cosmetic Surgery Tips: A Beginner’s Guide
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Have you been feeling more than a little insecure about your appearance lately?

Have you recently been injured in an accident that caused changes to your appearance, and are you considering facial reconstruction surgery?

Would you just like to feel hotter, more in control of your body, or even more comfortable doing the activities you love?

If so, then you need to keep on reading this post.

In it, we’re sharing some of our best cosmetic surgery tips with you.

We’ll talk about everything from how to find a good plastic surgeon to understanding the kinds of questions you need to ask to make sure you’re working with only the best cosmetic surgeons.

Read on to learn what you need to know to get the look you love.

1. Manage Your Expectations

The most essential of our cosmetic surgery tips?

You need to manage your expectations.

Yes, you will likely see a marked improvement in your appearance, and you’ll likely be more than a little satisfied with the results.

But is your surgeon going to be able to turn you into a carbon copy of your favorite celebrity, or make you love yourself overnight?

Not even the best cosmetic surgeons can do that.

Also, depending on the type of procedure you’d like done, remember that drastic changes may not be possible because of your current physical health. You may not be able to have the breast size you wanted because the weight could make you develop back problems.

Additionally, understand that you’re still going to need to do some upkeep and maintenance yourself.

Liposuction or coolscultping won’t mean you can no longer lose weight, or that you can stop going to the gym.

Have a frank conversation with your plastic surgeon, and talk about whether or not the results that you’re expecting are truly a possibility — and safe.

2. Safety First

And speaking of safety, that should be your number one concern when you’re in the market for any kind of cosmetic surgery procedure.

We understand that plastic surgery can be an investment.

However, we urge you — beg you, even — to avoid getting the procedure you want done by a cheaper but obviously unqualified professional.

Not only could this mean you’ll get alarmingly poor results. It could also result in surgical complications that, yes, could end in death.

It’s simply not worth the risk. Always be honest with your surgeon about any medical conditions you’re dealing with, and never settle for anyone unqualified.

3. Ask for Referrals

One of the biggest cosmetic surgery tips — that we can’t recommend enough?

When you’re researching the best cosmetic surgeons, online testimonials and photos on a website just aren’t enough to help you to make an informed decision.

If you’ve found a surgeon you think might be the one, then you need to make it a point to speak with some of their past patients directly. Usually, a minimum of two is a good place to start.

When you talk to these patients, ask if they had the same procedure done as you (usually, a surgeon will aim to provide those kinds of references to you.)

You should also ask about the surgeon’s bedside manner, the length of their recovery, if any complications arose, and even inquire about the total cost of their procedure.

Of course, taking the time to talk with a referral will also allow you to get answers to questions about what to expect out of the surgery itself!

4. Understand the Upkeep

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that there are some serious misconceptions about plastic surgery out there today.

One of the biggest?

That the majority of plastic surgery is a “one and done” type of scenario.

Many potential plastic surgery patients feel that, once they get a tummy tuck, a breast augmentation, or a facelift, they’ll never have to do it again in the future.

The reality is a little bit different.

As much as we’d all love to “fix it and forget it,” there’s a good chance that you’ll be back in the surgeon’s office within the next five, ten, or even twenty years.

But why?

First of all, you may need to correct a faulty surgery or address slipping or movement of any type of implant that you’ve had in the past. Secondly, there may be new techniques, materials, and developments that could enhance the results of your surgery.

In some cases, maintenance is a part of plastic surgery. Talk to your doctor about the potential upkeep timeline of any of the things that you’re thinking of getting done.

5. Schedule a Consultation

If you want to know how to find a good plastic surgeon, you should make it a point to schedule a consultation with the front-runners.

First of all, you’ll talk with the surgeon to determine whether or not you’re actually a good candidate for the surgery itself. You’ll also be able to get the answer to some of your most important questions. You can understand the levels of pain you should expect.

Above all, a consultation allows you to get a better feel for how much a surgery will cost, as well as the overall payment and fee structure of the surgeon’s practice.

In most cases, you should be able to quickly and easily schedule a consultation online. Plus, taking the time to do so also allows you to get a look at the website of the plastic surgeon you’re thinking of working with.

The best cosmetic surgeons will have put lots of time and care into making their website informative and easy to navigate.

For example, take a look at the website of Hamilton Aesthetics of the Palm Beaches. Not only do they allow you to browse through their list of services, they also make it easy to access their credentials and schedule a consultation.

6. Do it for Yourself

One of the most important cosmetic surgery tips?

No matter what type of procedure you’re thinking about getting done, make sure that you’re not doing it for anyone other than yourself.

If your partner, your employer, or even your parent has pressured you to get plastic surgery, or has made you feel insecure about the way you look, you need to be sure you’re really doing this for you.

You also need to rethink your relationship with these kinds of people.

Be aware that, in some cases, your plastic surgeon may ask you to take a psychological evaluation — especially if the procedures that you’re looking into seem extreme.

Above all, it’s important that you’re honest with yourself. Making permanent changes to your appearance in order to make someone else happy isn’t just unhealthy, it can also be abusive.

By that same token, don’t worry about the opinions of people who encourage you not to get the surgery you desperately want, or who don’t understand why you want it.

As long as you feel the surgery will help you to be more comfortable and confident, we think that you should go for it!

7. Check Their Credentials

Above all else, when you’re studying how to find a good plastic surgeon, you want to be sure that they have the right credentials.

Never be ashamed to ask a potential surgeon where they studied, who they did their internship underneath, and how long they’ve been in practice.

You should also make it a point to seek out surgeons who have specializations within the specific surgery that you’d like to have performed. Ask to see before and after photos, and, as we mentioned above, speak to references either in person or on the phone.

Finally, do your research to ensure that they are, in fact, Board Certified. You can use this website to type in a surgeon’s name. Then, you’ll immediately get a list of not only their licensing certifications, but also news and information about any complaints that have been filed against them in the past.

Remember that they’ll need to have a degree from medical school, have completed a two-year residency, have passed exams, and much more.

If you suspect that the plastic surgeon you want to move on isn’t Board Certified, it’s time to move on immediately.

Need More Cosmetic Surgery Tips?

From making sure you’re getting surgery for the right reasons, to ensuring that your surgeon is Board Certified, we hope you feel empowered by this list of cosmetic surgery tips.

Always take the time to do your research to ensure the procedures you want are safe, possible, and done by a professional.

Looking for more tips on how to upgrade your look or revamp your style?

We’ve got you covered.

Spend some time on our blog to learn more about how to turn yourself into the person you’ve always wanted to be.

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