Should You Consider Breast Implants or a Lift for Your Most Beautiful Breasts Yet?

//Should You Consider Breast Implants or a Lift for Your Most Beautiful Breasts Yet?

Many women spend years debating if they should undergo plastic surgery for their breasts.

Maybe they want to fill out that sweetheart neckline on their wedding dress.

Perhaps after losing a significant amount of weight things have started to sag.

According to research, over 40% of women have considered plastic surgery after a big life change.

Breast augmentation and breast lifts are the two most commonly sought out procedures.

But what’s the difference between these surgeries and who are they right for?

Beautiful breasts can be achieved with one or both of these procedures.

Let’s explore which procedure might be right for you.

Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation is a process of adding implants. Unlike a breast lift, there’s no scarring.

For women who have minimally sagging breasts, going with breast implants is the right choice. If the nipples still sit above the breast crease, implants will do the job of filling the chest out.

Because you can still breastfeed with implants, an augmentation is the way to go if you might have children in the future.

Nursing a baby after getting a breast lift could cause your breasts to sag again. Talk about a waste of money!

Breast Lift

There are a few different lift approaches. In general, it’s just about reshaping and lifting the breast. There is some scarring involved.

Every woman wants perky breasts. But, as time, gravity and motherhood take their toll, things inevitably go south.

When nipples sit below the breast crease, that generally means a breast lift is needed.

A breast lift is a great option for women who have breastfed or lost a lot of weight. It works for anyone who is dissatisfied with the drooping and loss of volume in their chest.

For women who want a fuller looking chest, but are afraid of having an implant, a breast lift is the way to go.

A Combination of the Two

Breast implants won’t fix extremely droopy breasts. Implants can only make it slightly less noticeable.

For very stretched out skin, having a lift will minimize that look. But, there might not be a lot of volume in the end.

In this case, lifting the breast and then adding an implant can give the shape and size a patient is looking for.

Finding the Right Doctor

No matter what procedure a patient might think is necessary, picking a great doctor is the most important decision.

Depending on the location, there are so many surgeons to choose from.

People looking for a breast augmentation in Los Angeles will find no shortage of great doctors.

But, that means a patient needs to do their research. Never be afraid of being too picky.

The doctor should be a board-certified plastic surgeon. They should also specialize in breast surgery.

Achieving Beautiful Breasts is Possible

It’s important to go into the surgery with the right expectations. But, with the right surgeon and the right procedure, women can have the beautiful breasts they’ve dreamed of.

Not quite ready to go under the knife?

Try flirting with the idea of plastic surgery by trying something less permanent, like injectables.

For more information, check out the article “5 Questions to Ask Before Your Injectable Treatment.”

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