Choosing a Stroller for Two Kids: 3 Things to Consider

//Choosing a Stroller for Two Kids: 3 Things to Consider
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If you’ve decided to add another child to your family, you’ve probably started thinking about all that baby gear you received at your first baby shower. Do you still have your bassinet? Does your infant car seat meet the most recent safety standards?

While you’ve considered all the items you’ll get to reuse, you may have also realized that one thing you may need to replace is your stroller. With two little ones to tote around, you may want to invest in a stroller for 2 kids.

There are countless double strollers on the market today, with options to meet any family’s unique needs. We’re going to share three important things to consider when choosing a double stroller.

Whether you’re a parent preparing for second child or you’re expecting twins, we want you to feel relaxed and prepared when shopping for a stroller for multiple kids.

1. What is the Age Difference Between Your Children?

The average age difference between siblings in America is two-and-a-half years, but an average is just that, and some siblings are born as close as thirteen months apart. Depending on the specific age difference in your family, you may consider different options for double strollers.

For twins, there’s little weight difference, so there are typically three main choices. The double frame stroller designed for car seats is great for newborns and infants. Full-featured double strollers can be used from infancy through toddlerhood. Double umbrella strollers are lightweight and great for travel at 6 months and older.

If your children are less than two years apart, they’ll do well in almost any type of double stroller. For children two to four years apart, side-by-side and tandem are the best double strollers.

2. Which Stroller for 2 Kids Fits Your Lifestyle – Side-by-Side or Tandem?

The full-featured double strollers mentioned above are the most popular options, especially for families who need a stroller for baby and toddler. But which style is best for you?

A tandem double stroller or “in-line” stroller has one seat behind the other. Sometimes you’ll see the seats stacked up stadium-style. The best benefit here is that the stroller is the same width as a single stroller, so it’s great for fitting through doorways, grocery aisles, and city streets.

A side-by-side stroller is just as described and looks like two single strollers attached in the middle. This style is typically easier to push and steer, but the double width makes it more difficult to get through store aisles and crowded or narrow sidewalks.

If you aren’t sure which option is best, try reading through a choose the best stroller board article on your favorite parenting forum. Real-life examples can be especially helpful for decisions like this one.

3. Does Your Preferred Stroller Meet Certain Safety Standards?

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, be sure to consider safety features. Even a top-rated double stroller with a pleasing aesthetic may not be the safest.

When it comes to safety features, look for things like five-point harnesses and the logo from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. The JMPA logo shows that the stroller’s pinch points, braking, and harnesses have been tested to comply with American Society for Testing and Materials safety standards.

Motherhood Beyond Baby Gear

Once you’ve found the ideal double stroller, you’ll still be left with a seemingly endless checklist as you prepare for your new addition.

We understand motherhood can be overwhelming at times, and we want to help. Browse our blog for valuable tips and advice to help you live your best life. We can help you create a healthy lifestyle plan as a busy mom, tackle spring cleaning, and more.

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