Challenge Yourself to Try Something New: 5 Interesting Hobbies for Women

//Challenge Yourself to Try Something New: 5 Interesting Hobbies for Women
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Are you enamored with the idea of work-life balance but can never seem to achieve it? We get it; it’s a difficult line to walk. But the issue may be that you need to add a little-structured activity to the life category – like a hobby.

Hobbies give you something relaxing to look forward to on your days off or at the end of the day. But most of us left ours in childhood.

Need some inspiration for hobbies for women that adults can do? We’ve got four options for you below.

1. Meditation

You may not think sitting still and trying to silence your thoughts is the most interesting hobby. And if you think of a hobby as something that needs lots of pieces and parts, it’s not.

But is a hobby that every single person can do, no matter where they are. But its portability isn’t the only thing it has to offer. Meditation can do everything from stop your constant brow furrowing to lengthen your life!

Practicing meditation in your off time can help you at work. Since meditation involves honing the mind, it improves your general concentration.

Want to get started? Just search meditation apps on your phone store.

2. Soap Carving – Old School or Revamped

We mean this in the traditional sense, but there’s no reason you couldn’t do it in the Instagram sense as well. People use to carve beautiful figures out of plain ivory soap.

Most people didn’t do anything with these little figurines, but maybe you could sell them on Etsy.

Now soap carving has a new re-birth but it’s a lot more destruction-istic than the old practice. People slice off pieces of soap, in spirals or even tiny squares on video.

Then they post them under the hashtag #satisfying for other people to watch. If you’re social media minded and you have enough room in your finances for a soap budget, why not get Instagram famous?

3. Adult Coloring Books

Did you spend hours coloring as a kid? Felt your happiest when you opened a fresh pack of markers or crayons?

Then this hobby is for you. After research came out showing that coloring is a good relaxation technique, the trend has taken off. You can get everything from mandalas to fancy famous cityscapes.

If you use Pinterest often, you’ve probably seen the more adult side of this trend – bad words and explicit images. If coloring a four-letter word makes you happy, then go for it!

4. Start a Podcast

Are you an expert on a subject? Even if it’s as niche as anyone can imagine? Or do you want to become an expert on something?

Why not start a podcast? They’re having a moment right now and they’re free to make. If you find success as a podcaster, great! If you don’t, who cares?

You’ll learn while you speak and maybe make some friends along the way.

5. Collect Something

Finally. if you have something you love, like owls, teacups, or even trains – why not start a collection?

You’ll need some storage space to work with, but you can always Marie Kondo some of your old stuff to make space.

Want to learn how to get started here’s the place to look.

Hobbies for Women

A hobby is absolutely anything you want it to be if you do it consistently. You can call your iced coffee habit a hobby if you choose to try out a new little coffee shop every time.

Ask your friends what they do in their downtime and see if that interests you. If not, oh well; not all hobbies for women interest everyone.

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