Celebrate In Style! How To Throw A Great Salon Event

//Celebrate In Style! How To Throw A Great Salon Event
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When you run a salon, your clients are your life. Not only do they keep you in business, but they’re some of your closest friends. How do you show them you’re grateful for more than their money?

Throw a salon event!

An event will give you a context to relate to your clients outside of the chair and let them show off their style. Don’t know quite where to start?

Estilo Tendances has your guide below!

Pick the Event Type

Before you throw a party, you need to know what you’re celebrating. Keep reading to get some ideas on the types of events you can throw.

Open House Salon Event

An open house is a great time to remind the community of your presence. You can use your event to introduce new stylists to the public or show off new interior decor.

If the goal of your event is to gain new clientele, consider offering free services at the party. Maybe everyone gets a free bang trim, or the first 10 people to arrive get a complimentary blowout.

Grand Opening

Is your salon opening a new location close-by? That’s a great reason to party! It’s like an open house, but you get the benefit of advertising to a new market.

Advertise your grand opening salon event at your original or closest location. Encourage clients with friends in the new area to spread the word, perhaps even offer a referral bonus.

After all, there’s no better advertising than happy current clients!

Award Celebration

Have your stylists or salons received any awards lately? That’s something to be proud of! You should have a comprehensive list of your awards on your website? Oscar Oscar Salons is a great example.

But why not take it a step further and celebrate with a party? You’ll make your employees feel appreciated and spread the word about how great your services are without coming off as bragging.

Create Event Structure

Once you know what type of salon event you’re going to have, think about an activity. It doesn’t need to be a classic party game or arts and crafts. It’s nice to have something to direct clients to when the party slows down.

You could have a stylist give a demo on how to do a 10 minute at home blow-out, or have a silent raffle with your products. The goal is to make your clients feel like they’re getting something out of attending your event.


You could be the best salon in the country, but if you don’t let anyone know you’re having an event, whats the point? You have a built-in invite list from your clients but go a step further.

If your goal is to attract new clients, advertise on the radio or in a magazine. Give current clients a bonus for bringing a plus one. Whatever you spend on advertising will come back to you in future business.

Final Touches

Once you’ve walked yourself and your staff through the above steps, it’s time to start planning! Pick a date, send out invitations, and get everything ready.

If you have a big salon, delegate tasks to each of your stylists to reduce workload and make them feel included. You’ve got a salon to run after all!

When its time to party, set up everything in advance then relax and have a happy, beautiful time!

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