Celebrate in Style: How to Throw a Stylish Baptism or Christening Party

//Celebrate in Style: How to Throw a Stylish Baptism or Christening Party
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A baptism is a joyous moment that brings a new child into the faith. The party should serve as a time for a family to celebrate, reflect on their lives and the gifts within them, and spend together in a world that is increasingly hectic. 

But most of us have never thrown a baptism party! It can be a stressful time for parents or guardians because you want everything to go well, especially if you’re dealing with being a new parent

We’ve compiled a few essential tips for people seeking to throw the perfect party. 

How to Throw a Great Christening Party

We’ll go through a few of the bases you must touch if you want to throw a successful party. There’s always going to be some wiggle room depending on your situation, but here are some of the musts.

Get in Contact With Your Church

Contact your church’s leaders to find out if there are any requirements to take care of before-hand. Some churches require that you take a course or a class before your baptism occurs. 

You’ll also have to coordinate with the church to set up a time and place for the party. These may be booked out far in advance, so don’t make tentative plans until you speak with an official. 

Contact Your Family Members Early

The godparents and family should be alerted well in advance of the actual date. For this reason, set a date with the church that is a couple months out.

That way, people will have time to plan and make it to this special event. 

Send Out Invitations Early

Contact the godparents and nuclear family directly, but send invitations to everyone else as soon as possible. You may also want to send invitations to the nuclear family as memorabilia. 

If you’re interested in personalized christening invitations, this website will help you create just what you need!

Make It Kid/Adult Friendly

Make sure the event is fun for everyone involved. Whether you have it at a church or separate venue, make sure that the adults can have a great time while the kids play in a safe environment. 

Churches usually have a wealth of activities available, so ask your church officials if there are options available. The adults might like to have games as well, but your choice should be based on what you know about your group. 

Make Gift Policies Clear

It’s always frustrating when you don’t know what to bring to a christening. You don’t want to ask too directly and be rude, but you don’t want to bring an inappropriate gift

Make sure that everyone is aware of the gifts that will be accepted at the gathering. 

Need Some Help?

You don’t need to go through the process alone. Everyone needs help planning large gatherings, especially if you’ve never done it before. 

If you’re in need of any ideas, from flowers to foods, we’re here to help you make your christening party the best one it can be!


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