Winter Fashion: The Hottest Luxury Brands Rounding Out 2018

//Winter Fashion: The Hottest Luxury Brands Rounding Out 2018
  • Winter Fashion

Wondering what styles and designers are hot this winter?

We wait all year to break out cozy sweaters and wear chic coats. But before you revamp your wardrobe, you should learn about what looks are on trend and which designers are leading the charge. 

Read on to find out more about winter fashion and what’s hot as we move into the New Year.

Winter Fashion: Trending Styles

If you want to be in-the-know when it comes to winter style this year, get up to speed on the latest trends. They’re a fun way to renovate your closet and give your look a facelift. 

Here’s what’s in.

Layered Outerwear

Coats on coats were everywhere on the fall/winter runway. Dressing for cold weather can be a complicated task. This season takes the stress out by welcoming layers of outerwear which will leave you with plenty of options when it comes to staying warm. 

You can layer a lighter weight coat under a heavier one so the bottom layer becomes part of your outfit while your overcoat is the outerwear. For example, you can rock a denim jacket under your parka or wear a fitted blazer or peacoat under a faux fur jacket. 

If you want to make the look more cohesive, try to select coats in the same color scheme or complementary patterns. This way the look will appear purposeful as opposed to messy.

Statement Sweaters 

While you can’t go wrong with a classic black turtleneck or a crisp winter white pullover, designers are opting to spice up the sweater world this season. 

We’re seeing bold patterns, chunky textures, and bright colors everywhere. When paired with the right pieces like black denim, leather pants or a matching skirt, the outfit becomes a fashion-forward statement. 

To pull off this trend, steer clear of anything too holiday-inspired. It could verge on the edge of looking like your Great Aunt’s Christmas sweater.


Plaid has never fully disappeared for the cooler months of the year but this time it’s back with a vengeance. These ones are very preppy and school-girl inspired and aren’t just reserved for skirts. 

You can rock this look in a suit pant, jacket or both. In women’s wear, power suits are back in a big way so you could even consider purchasing a plaid one and achieve two trends at once. 

Don’t be afraid of red plaids or other bold hues. If you’re going to go for the style, go for it all the way! 

Leopard Print

Not only is leopard print back but colorful leopard print is all over the runway. This eighties throwback makes perfect sense since we’ve also been seeing a resurgence of old trends like shoulder pads. 

You can rock this look on anything from tights to skirts to outerwear. But be sure to keep it tasteful. The best way to avoid the tacky factor is to stay modest with the items you wear. 

Go for a longer skirt instead of a mini or select a dress with sleeves as opposed to something more revealing. This trend works well in a chunky sweater or even boots or a handbag. 

Brown Is the New Black 

Like it or not, brown is the new black. It’s all over the runways from designers like Fendi to Louis Vuitton. The rich, neutral hue can replace your standard black on essentially any item. 

From coats, sweaters, and handbags to dresses, boots, and pants, the way to wear this trend is to go monochromatic with it. It may feel like a lot of matching, but wearing multiple pieces in the same color is what brings the high fashion and chic element to it. 

This color looks amazing on most skin tones and comes in a variety of shades which you can mix and match within one outfit. 

Hottest Brands

Designer popularity comes and goes in the blink and an eye and a newly named creative director. Not only do you want to know which designers are hot right now, but this information helps you determine which designer pieces will be a wise investment for your wardrobe as you can see here

Here’s who’s hot right now. 


The label has had a major resurgence since influencers and celebs like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian were photographed wearing dresses and bags from the designer.

Fendi was a hot commodity in the mid to late nineties and so it makes sense that with the resurrection of the decades’ fashion, the hottest designers of the time come with it. 

The iconic Fendi “F’s” are back on everything from tights, to coats to thongs and bags. You pretty much can’t go wrong if you get something that is undeniably “Fendi.


Gucci has been exploding ever since Creative Director Alessandro Michele took the helm in 2015. Since then, there have been lines out of the store and the value of items have increased significantly. 

The hottest Gucci items to get your hands on are the “double G” belt, not to mention their fanny packs, fur loafers and combat boots as well as any and every purse with the classic Gucci print on it. 


With the return of nineties fashion and several moments of homage to the supermodels who rocked Gianni’s designs, the label finds itself in the spotlight once again.

The mini-series, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story and the twenty year anniversary of the designers’ death didn’t hurt the fashion house either. 

The most coveted pieces from the label? Any of their women’s silk blouses with the unmistakable pattern, sunglasses, body-hugging dresses, and anything and everything gold; their signature color. 

Update Your Closet

With the information above, your winter fashion will be totally on point. You can pick and choose which trends you want to implement into your wardrobe and which designers pique your interest.

Select pieces that you feel comfortable in but don’t be afraid to take a little bit of a risk. After all, that’s what fashion’s all about. 

Check us out for more on the latest designers and trending styles. 



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