Buzz the Fuzz: 5 Methods for Removing Unwanted Hair on Your Body

//Buzz the Fuzz: 5 Methods for Removing Unwanted Hair on Your Body
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What do you think of when you see the term ‘body hair?’ Chances are, whatever your reaction, it’s a strong one.

For some, it’s wincing at the idea of painful hair removal. For others, it’s embarrassment at an overlooked hair prominent on their upper lip. Others yet might flinch in disgust.

All this goes to show the complicated relationship we have with body hair. It’s natural, and things from nature are supposed to be beautiful, right? But, much like we mow the lawn and weed the garden, we like to keep our bodies smooth and well cared for.

Whatever the reaction, removing unwanted hair is a constant battle. Keep reading for the five best methods to help you buzz the fuzz.


It doesn’t get much more obvious than this. A razor is the quickest way to remove hair from larger areas like your legs.

There are some considerations that need to be made before using a razor, however. Since you’re relying on a blade to cut the hair at the surface, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve prepared yourself.

First of all, a fresh blade is necessary. As it gets used, the blade will dull, making it less effective at removing hairs. This can lead to skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

Softening the hair in warm water will make the razors job easier, too. Shaving when in a hot bath or shower is a great way to make sure that the pores are open and the hairs are soft.

Since a razor only removes hair at the surface, hair quickly grows back. You can count on about 24 hours of smoothness before stubble becomes noticeable to the touch.


One of the first ways women learn to remove unwanted hair is to pluck it out. Using tweezers to remove hairs is as easy as it is straight-forward. Simply grab the hair, pluck it out, and, voila, you’re onto the next one.

The downside to tweezing your hair is obvious: it can hurt! That’s because you’re pulling the entire hair follicle out, root and all. There’s a danger in this, too.

Because tweezing is ultimately an aggressive act, it can damage the skin, leaving scars behind.

Plucking out hairs like this is also limiting. It’s one thing if you just need to clean up your upper lip or eyebrows, but any larger area is impractical. Not only would it be time-consuming (to say nothing of painful,) but you risk visible scarring.

Depending on how quickly you grow hair back, tweezing can keep you smooth for many weeks.


Though they’re two different techniques, both waxing and sugaring operate under the same principle. Essentially you’re applying an adhesive that you can use to pull the hairs out.

Waxing works by applying a hot wax to the desired area then removing it in strips, pulling the hair out at the roots. It’s very versatile, able to be applied just about anywhere.

Though home waxing kits are available, it can be a very messy affair. It’s best done by someone with experience, especially if you’re new to it.

Sugaring replaces the hot wax with a sugar paste. It’s rubbed along the skin, then pulled off. These pastes are often made from all-natural products, which is appealing (pun intended.) As well, the sugar paste adheres to the hair, unlike wax, which sticks to the skin. This makes it less likely to cause irritations. Both methods, however, can lead to ingrown hairs or, worse an infection if not cared for.

These two approaches can leave you hair-free for four to six weeks, based on your body’s hair-production capabilities

Depilatory Creams

Otherwise known as hair removal creams, this is a method you can do at home. These creams are spread across the skin where the target the hair at the shaft.

Now, not every cream is the same, so it’s important to mind the instructions. Since these are chemical-based, there is the possibility of a negative reaction. Start by applying the cream to a small area for the recommended time before removing it. If things go smoothly (why all the puns?) continue on.

Depending on the product the cream is either removed with a plastic scraper or with water. That makes it easy to tie into your shower routine.

Since depilatory creams remove hair at the root, skin can stay smooth for over a week. This may not be as long as some other methods, but it does benefit from being cost-effective, time-efficient and pain-free.

Laser Hair Removal

Originally a niche practice, advances in technology are making lasering a viable option for more people. By being able to directly target the hair at the root, lasers leave the surrounding skin unaffected.

Not only does this help prevent irritations or scars, but by destroying the follicle at the root level, permanent hair loss can be achievable. Multiple sessions will be necessary, but for many, the promise of a long-term solution has made this an attractive option.

Home kits are available, but they’re still found lacking compared to what a specialty clinic can provide. If you’re interested, laser hair removal Carlsbad is recommended.

The only drawback is that this method can be expensive. Since hairs are targeted individually, even small spots can get pricey. And, as mentioned above, it can take many sessions to remove hair for good. For that reason, laser hair removal is usually sold in multi-session packages.

Removing Unwanted Hair: Final Thoughts

Whatever evolutionary advantages body hair once gave us, they no longer apply to our fashion-forward world. Instead of providing necessary warmth they can be a source of embarrassment or shame.

Thankfully there are many proven methods for removing unwanted hair. Whether you opt for laser removal or settle for the quick convenience of a razor, you don’t need to let unwanted fuzz leaving you to feel harried (for real, that’s the last one!)

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