Bring Summer into Your Home: 10 of the Best Summer Flowers

//Bring Summer into Your Home: 10 of the Best Summer Flowers
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Are the long and chilly nights of winter bringing you down? Many people thrive in the summertime when they can enjoy the sunshine and nature.

Just like you, lots of flowers thrive in the summer too.

Though you won’t be able to see them bloom any time soon, it’s nice to look forward to it. Now’s the time to start planning your summer garden, anyway!

But if you can’t wait, you can still find some of these flowers at a local florist. Though keep in mind, buying flowers that are in season will save you money.

Longing to bring summer into your home? Here are 10 of the best summer flowers that will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a midsummer’s dream.

1. Morning Glory

If you’re a gardener, Morning Glory is a great summer flower to plant just as the ground thaws. These vines are very resilient and do well in all kinds of soil.

They get their name from their blooming cycle. Every morning the flowers open up, and by nightfall, they die. Then they start the process all over again the next day.

Morning Glory is horn-shaped and comes in an array of different colors.

2. Sunflower

What flower reminds you of summer more than a sunflower? Their scientific name was inspired by the Greek god of the sun, Helios.

This flower is another gardener’s dream because they are so easy to plant and low maintenance. As their name suggests, they need open sunlight to thrive.

They also make flower arrangements goof-proof. They look great all on their own, without any filler. Just trim down their extra long stems (they can reach up to 15 feet tall!) and pop one or more in a vase.

3. Lavender

No flower loves the summer quite as much as purple lavender. They need tons of sunlight and won’t accept the slightest bit of shade.

If you plant this bush in your yard, you can expect frequent visits from butterflies who are attracted to the buds.

Lavender is lovely in an arrangement. But if you plant them, your yard will be filled with their sweet scent all summer long.

4. Petunias

Petunias are bright and happy flowers that usually come in vibrant shades of pink and purple. Unlike sturdy sunflowers, petunias have delicate, soft petals.

These flowers take some time and attention to grow them from seedlings. But you can easily buy a planter full of them around the end of Spring!

5. Marigold

Marigolds are as beautiful as they are practical. These golden blooms are an effective bug and animal repellent when planted in a garden.

They hold major cultural significance for the Spanish holiday Day of the Dead. Though these are summer flowers, the holiday takes place on November 1st. Marigolds are also very important in Indian Hindu culture.

6. Roses

Though they’re so closely associated with Valentine’s Day, roses are actually a summer flower. In fact, they’re the birth flower for people born in June!

Roses start growing in the spring. You can grow them yourself if you’re up for the maintenance. Or, just shop now through a florist so you have a bouquet in time for the most romantic day of the year!

7. Peony

If you have ever been to a wedding, you’ve probably seen your fair share of peonies. These blooms look incredibly romantic and they’re very popular to decorate with. They also look beautiful in a flower crown arrangement.

There are actually six different types of peonies. They can come in shades of pinks, whites, and purples. Some are more dense with petals than others.

Like the sunflower, peonies look fabulous in an arrangement all on their own. Try putting three blooms in a small vase to give your desk or side table a pop of color!

8. Calla Lily

Calla lilies were considered to be so beautiful, and that’s how they got their name! “Calla” is the Greek word for beautiful.

They say that “every rose has its thorns.” And that’s certainly true for calla lilies.

They may look gorgeous and elegant, but they’re actually poisonous. Keep these arrangements high on tables where pets can’t reach them.

9. Black Eyed Susan

Most of the flowers on this list begin their growing season around the spring. But the Black Eyed Susan is serious about waiting until the summer to join the party. These blooms start to show themselves well into July.

Black Eyed Susans look like a cross between a daisy and a sunflower. The petals are bright yellow with a black center, but they’re small and delicate like a daisy.

However, the name can sometimes be misleading. Sometimes the center is actually red or green instead of black.

These perennial flowers are great for the beginner gardener. They’re easy to plant, and they’ll bloom again every season.

10. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums, or “mums,” are a popular flower to use in bouquets, decorating, and gardening. They’re truly a showstopper and come in all kinds of colors.

These flowers first grew in China and were given to people as sympathy flowers. Now, they are so popular that they’ve been crossbred to create all different hybrids.

Some are full, with dense blossoms. Others are more delicate and look similar to a daisy, which is actually a part of their flower family.

These Are the 10 Best Summer Flowers

Nothing makes a home feel bright and happy quite like a bouquet of flowers. Arrange them yourself for a creative outlet, or buy them from the local florist. You could even plant them in your yard so you can pick them yourself!

It’s nice to think about summer flowers, but we still have a while before they bloom. If you’re nostalgic for the warmer months, check out this article.

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