Bloggers MBA Review: Are You Ready To Go Pro?

//Bloggers MBA Review: Are You Ready To Go Pro?

Because I want to continue the idea of sharing business principles that got us to where we are today and helped us do the work we love, on our own terms and be paid for it. (I saw how much you loved the Secret Weapon Of Growing Your Brand On Pinterest)

Bloggers MBA Review – It Helped Us!

Today I want to tell you about Bloggers MBA. We are a teaching and empowering platform and we wish to not only talk about Fashion, Style, Beauty,Health, Lifestyle but also about how you can make it happen for you!

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My blogging journey started around 4-5 years ago, as a hobby, never thought of turning it into a business. If you want to know my story – you will want to read the About Us Page. BUT, because I realized that people actually make money out of this and really good money, I decided to try my best and do the same. Easier said than done! (like always!).

On October 2014, me and Mihai (CEO of Male Extravaganza) put all out eggs in one basket and decided to make a business out of blogging, while working on our final paper – we were about to graduate from power engineering. (I know, I know – what does engineering have to do with blogging or lifestyle/fashion/beauty/health?!).

It was a very challenging time because there were a lot of investments and no revenue stream, which made things harder and not at all quicker. So, after I was introduced to Secret Blogger Business Bootcamp my head started to spin ‘What if this is the course that will help us grow our business and MAKE MONEY out of it?‘. Keep in mind that it was a big investment for us at that time (around $350) and we really had to think it through – to go big or to wait until we make the money?

I know, most of you are asking the same thing when having to invest in courses/schools. Trust me, this year, when we enrolled to B-school (which was a much bigger investment – $2,000) I spend around 2 weeks thinking about it and praying to make the right decision. But the lesson here is:

You have got to START before you are READY! – Click to tweet!

This is what we did! We started, we only had money for the first payment (just like we did with B-school – scary isn’t it?!) and I promised myself that I will do all the exercises and implement all the knowledge so I can make that money back in no time. Bottom line: IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!

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Besides learning a ton of good stuff, I also got lucky… and now, I have all the SBB courses FOR FREE + 3 month coaching with Kate, the guru at Secret Bloggers Business. Sometimes, you do need to trust your instincts and just go with the flow – if you feel this is right, you need to do it NOW. If I would have waited, because I hadn’t had the money, now I wouldn’t have all the courses and the coaching for free + the ability to think I could invest in a $2,000 course and make 6 figures. I strongly believe that God/universe is showing us all the steps we need to take, but WE NEED to TAKE them. If you ended up here, reading this it is for a reason!

What have I and my team learned from SBB Bootcamp/Bloggers MBA? 

#1. Kate’s uplifting story

If there’s one thing that I recently learned is that “Facts tell, but STORIES sell!”. And indeed, I connected with her story and got so inspired to make mine just as awesome as hers. She talks about her first years in blogging, her personal struggles, the amount of money she made and HOW. Really uplifting!

#2. Branding

At that point, I thought some of the exercises in the Branding Module were just pointless. She was talking about ‘the ideal client‘ and I was thinking ‘How can you only sell to ONE person? I mean I wanted to speak to women that are in theirs 20s but also 30s…single, but also in a relationship, students but also working… how can I choose? Why should I choose?‘. So, I did not do it, it was way too hard. Darlings, DO NOT DO WHAT I DID! This is the most important exercise in your branding! Thanks to B-school, I just finish it last week – and yes, it empowered me and in the next month when we are re-designing Estilo Tendances, you will see WHY!

#3. How to create an e-product

Nowadays, no matter the business, if it is online, you need something to offer to your people. It can be a freebie, when they subscribe, or an online course – that is your income stream. The point is, you need to know how to create one! She offers the plan to create one fast and really cheapnot all good things need to be expensive!

#4. Learn about passive income

My ultra favorite part! The whole point of doing online business is because of the passive income option. Yes, you can make money while you are sleeping! This does not mean, you won’t have to work for it, it means you won’t have to work all the time for it! She will explain various ways regarding how this is possible.

#5. What should you sell?

This module really opened my eyes regarding what is possible. I had no idea how many things you could offer in order to make money (at least 12 different things!) and it empowered me to go out there and make them happen. Until now, Estilo Tendances only uses 2 of those, the other ones did not work or we did not try – yet!

#6. How to sell it?

You can have beautiful products but no customers. How is this possible? Because you have no idea how to position yourself and how to reach your clients! Still working on this one (actually I will start Bloggers MBA again, just to go through this module again – since we are launching our new amazing ebook).

#7. Traffic, traffic, traffic

This module helped us the most! We learned how to use Pinterest and Instagram effectively and now, these 2 are our main focus. If you are in a business that is based on visual, these 2 platforms should be your target as well. And Bloggers MBA will help you with the know-how.

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What is new about this launch, is that you also get more bonuses! (cannot wait to see them, because I will get them too since I have lifetime access to it and all updates!)

  • Photography for bloggers
  • How to plan out your year
  • Blogging facts and answers – I am sure this will help you a lot!
  • Success Mindset
  • Stories from those who have it already

If you want to start a blog, or just update the current one, I believe that this is where you should start. The investment is not that big, but the changes can be! I really hope that my Bloggers MBA review helped you decide if this is the right course for you or not.

Keep in mind that NOTHING WORKS unless YOU DO! So, put all your time and effort into it and it will pay off!

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