The Best Travel Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

//The Best Travel Destinations for Solo Female Travelers
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Going on holiday alone can be either a choice or due to circumstances. Nearly one in six people holiday alone and women are driving this trend. Pinterest pins about female solo travel increased by 350% from 2014 to 2015.

Your reasons for going on holiday alone might range from a thirst for adventure or peace and quiet. You might want to sample culture or sunshine, ski slopes or blue seas. You might want to meet people or keep yourself to yourself.

This guide to the best travel destinations for women going on holiday alone will help you achieve your travel aspirations.

Going On Holiday Alone, Safely

While men and women both have safety concerns about going on holiday alone, there are some worries that you might have as a solo female traveler. These concerns range from being treated with less respect to the possibility of sexual assault.

Conventions about female dress and behavior vary across the world. In some places, it is unacceptable or even dangerous to dress as you would at home.

Bare arms might seem innocuous in California but offensive in parts of Indonesia. Beachwear worn by some shoppers in Wal-Mart would get you arrested on the beach in some countries.

To travel safely you need to consider:

  • What you wear
  • When it’s safe to be on your own
  • What if any extra precautions you need to take.

Travelling alone for anyone involves some risk but like it or not, a woman alone has more to consider. Do some research before you travel about what the expectations are for your travel destination.

Travel Destinations for the Solo Female Traveler

There’s something for everybody here. Let’s start our tour.

Reykjavik, Iceland

With a positive attitude towards women, Reykjavik offers a great starting off point for our tour of the world. Crime is almost non-existent in the capital but be aware that some anti-social behavior might occur around the bars at night.

Use Reykjavic as a base to visit geysers, waterfalls, glaciers and amazing scenery. Back in the city, the shops are complemented by stylish bars and restaurants. In summer the light goes on into the night and the city doesn’t sleep so join the party.

London, United Kingdom

London offers women traveling alone a relatively safe place to experience a truly international capital city. Take a selfie in front of Buckingham Palace and send it to your envious friends as a postcard using My Postcard.

If shopping is one of your interests, iconic stores such as Harrods or Selfridges have to be on your itinerary. For culture, the museums and galleries are often free and a visit to the West End theatre district to take in a show is a must. Take a ride on the London Eye for views across the city but pick a clear day.

The range of eating options is immense. Try Borough Market for quality street food, China Town for late night dining and traditional pubs for “pie and mash”.

Take a walk around Trafalgar Square, Camden Market or along the river Thames to appreciate the range of what London has to offer. While walking or taking the Tube, take sensible precautions as pickpockets can be a menace.

Florence, Italy

The historic architecture, culture, and gelato make Florence a must visit destination. If you take sensible precautions against pickpockets it’s low risk for female travelers.

Visit the Duomo, the Doors or Paradise and see Michelangelo’s David in the flesh. This is a photographers dream, so snap away, and make a scrapbook of memories when you get home.

Sample the Chianti wine and real Italian food. Do try Florences most famous dish, Bistecca alla Florentina or Florentine Steak. If you want street food try Lampredotto, thinly sliced tripe (intestines). You might not like it but you can get pizza any time at home.

Aukland, New Zealand

Aukland can be a great jumping off point to explore New Zealand’s amazing and diverse landscapes. Lord of the Rings was filmed in New Zealand. A female going on holiday alone, experiences risks lower than Europe or the USA.

If you like outdoor sports, this is a place you will love. Paddle in a Kayak, walk the coast and at the end of the day sample local wines. Take organized trips for extra safety and to meet people.

Learning about Maori culture might interest you, given that these Polynesian people settled here 700 years ago. Contrast this with the delights of a modern dynamic city.

Tokyo, Japan

The intriguing mix of ancient and modern in Tokyo makes this destination attractive for many visitors. Tokyo is generally very safe for travelers including women travelers.

Temples and gardens are serene and yet the city is dynamic and forward-looking. Shinjuku nightlife goes on until dawn which is just when Tsukiji Market offers an amazing array of seafood for sale.

The Shinto shrine, Meiji-Jingu is an escape from the bustle of shopping in Harajuku. Go in spring or autumn to miss the summer rainy season.

Oslo, Norway

Norway is a very safe country and with Oslo, Europe’s fasting growing capital as a starting point you can enjoy the country’s mountains, sea, culture and outdoor pursuits. In the winter season, skiing is popular, but summer walking in the mountains is breathtaking.

There is a contemporary feel about the architecture, art, and culture. As the European Green City of the year for 2019, it has great public transport and puts the pedestrian first. Enjoy the culinary delights of neighborhood coffee shops, Neo Nordic restaurants and the traditional Scandinavian love for seafood.

The Scandinavian picturesque landscape steps up a level when you visit Bergen. Visit the waterfront where the UNESCO World Heritage site celebrates the city’s history as a trading center.

Time to Plan Your Next Trip

If your travel ambitions have been modest to date because of fears about traveling on your own, consider how you are assessing risk. There are many places in the world that may be safer than you think.

Do some research, take reasonable steps to be safe and open your mind to the possibilities for adventure. There is a world of delights, beauty and a welcome for women going on holiday alone.

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