Best Ab Workouts for Women

//Best Ab Workouts for Women
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It’s the start of 2018 and time for a brand new body! What better time to make a new resolve to get in shape than right now and make your New Year’s resolutions a reality.

The abdomen muscles are one of the toughest feats to master, especially when you’ve given birth.

But with the right ab workouts for women, flabby abs are no match for a smart, consistent exercise regimen. Here are some great ab workouts for women so you look and feel fabulous all year long.

Ab Workouts for Women That Get the Job Done

V Sit-Ups

When it comes to ab workouts for women, V sit-ups are one of the easier ones. This exercise provides an easy way to sculpt your abdominal muscles and work your core.

  1. Lie flat on the floor.
  2. Place your arms behind your head and lift your body and your legs.
  3. Reach to touch your toes with your fingertips. Your body will make a ‘V’ shape.

Do this 10 times with 3 reps. You can increase the number of reps, depending on your comfort level.

Russian Twists

Like V-sit ups, Russian twists also make a “V” shape with your body.

  1. Sit down on a mat and make a ‘V’ with your body.
  2. Bend your knees and lift them in the air.
  3. Put your hands together. Then rotate your body from one side to the other side. You can also work with a weight in your hands while performing the twist.
  4. Repeat 20 reps three times.

Bicycle Exercise

At first, it’s not as easy as it looks, but this exercise work wonders on belly fat.

  1. Lie flat. Then lift your legs in the air in a pedaling movement.
  2. Begin with pedals with both legs. You can adjust the speed, intensity, and the number of reps. Another variation is to lift your torso while you place your hand behind your head.
  3. Touch your elbow to the opposite knee.
  4. Repeat on both sides.


The crunch is a great foundational abs exercise.

  1. Lie on your back flat.
  2. Place your hands flat beside you or at the side of your head. While performing this exercise, make sure not to pull your neck or head.
  3. Tense your abdomen muscles and lift your torso off the floor and use your ab muscles to raise your legs into the air to finish your crunches.
  4. Hold the position for 3 seconds before returning to a flat position on the floor. Each crunch counts as one repetition.

Side Plank Crunches

Side plank crunches extend the effect to more of your ab muscles by adding a crunch to your side plank. They’re also a fantastic bikini abs workout.

  1. First, lie on your side and place your lower forearm on the floor. Keep your elbow below your shoulder.
  2. You can do this three ways: place one foot on top of each other, scissor your feet on the floor, or place your knee on the floor. This is an easier way to perform this exercise.
  3. Raise your hips to form the side plank position. Tighten your core muscles. Keep your neck and spine in a neutral position.
  4. Tighten your abs from the side plank position while you circle your lifted elbow toward your forearm that you’re supporting your body with.
  5. Bring your arm back to its first position. This counts as one rep.
  6. Repeat the same steps on the other side.

Side Crunches

Another terrific crunch exercise!

  1. Begin in a high plank position.
  2. Raise your arm off the floor and rotate your body onto its side by placing your arm on the hip. Your other arm will support your hip.
  3. Put your feet together. This will be the initial position. Kick your leg in front.
  4. Keep your leg one to two inches above the floor while you use your lower abs to bring your leg out. Hold the position for 2 seconds.
  5. Repeat

Flutter Kicks

This exercise provides an easy workout for your lower abs, quads and hip flexors. It also pairs well with a bikini abs workout.

  1. Lie flat on a mat on the floor or on a bench.
  2. Raise both your feet two inches in the air.
  3. Lift one leg as you tense your lower abs.
  4. Alternate the steps by lifting each leg, then lowering them to 2 inches above the floor.
  5. Each flutter kick on both legs counts as one rep.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers are another effective exercise to help flatten abs.

  1. Holding your body in a high plank position, squeeze your core.
  2. Lift your knee toward your elbows. Keep the height of your hips and spine in the same position. While bringing your leg forward.
  3. Bring your leg back to its initial position. This counts as one rep.
  4. Repeat with the other leg.

Medicine Ball Twists

Medicine ball twists provide a fantastic abs workout. They work your abdominals, target your obliques and strengthen lower back muscles.

Use a water bottle if you don’t have a medicine ball. For a bigger challenge, use a larger bottle.

This exercise is all about form. It’s important to keep your spine in the correct position and keep your feet on the floor while doing this exercise.

  1. Keep both feet on the floor.
  2. Lean back with your feet still on the ground. You’ll feel a pull in your abs.
  3. Make a full turn using your shoulders.
  4. Repeat on both sides.

Now you’ve learned nine great ab workouts for women that flatten flabby abs for a stunning tummy! You can do them on your own at home or you can get help and learn more about working with a personal trainer.

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