8 Beauty Trends For 2014

//8 Beauty Trends For 2014

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For some time, my job is to keep you abreast of news in the field of beauty: trends, products,

DIY, how to and so on. I must admit that is not a easy job. It is pretty hard to follow what is IN and what is OUT in a season or in another and pay attention on how to write about them.

Fashion is always changing. The same thing is with products, always appears something that is better. You need to choose the products and trends carefully. You do not have to follow trends religiously but you have to choose what suits you. If a cloth is a trend does not mean that is right for us and we don`t have to wear it only because it is trendy. We must get inspired from trends and take from them what represents us.

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The same thing is also with the beauty trendsFor example, you don`t have to dye your hair in a certain color just because it is trendy even though it does not suits you. 

To make your “job” easier, I chose 8 important beauty trends for 2014.


1. Orange shades

When it comes to lipsticks, orange is a popular color in 2014. Choosing the perfect orange lipstick should be an easy job. All you need to know is your skin tone. For example:

for a pale skin you can opt for a neon orange or true orange
– a good choice for your golden complexion is neon orange
– for any type of skin you choose sheer orange
– suitable for darker skin is red-orange

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2. Orchid colors

Oh, dear orchid!
Radiant orchid (a mixture between pink, fuchsia and purple) is the favorite color of the year 2014. It not only carries on the lips but also on fingernails, eyelids, and cheeks. It is a suitable color not only for spring / summer but also for fall / winter season. Spring color orchids blend perfectly with the colors of nature and in winter it feels a bit different when you`re wearing this color. Try it!

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3. Metallic polish

Metallic colors are a trend this spring and it seems that it has been a trend on the
red carpet, too. But this trend does not end here and the metallic polish will be trendy in fall / winter 2014. You can choose from metallic colors as orange, green until blue cobalt.

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4. Cold & warm shades

Besides metallic colors, 2014 brings us the pleasure to be able to wear any color of nail polish. From cold to warm colors, from nude to dark, everything is permitted this year. Favorites are fuchsia, melon, shimmering nude and blue.


5. Cat eyes

Cat eyes are no longer a trend, it just became a way of life. It will  never go out of style and this is a very good thing because I`m in love with it. It`s easy, it`s trendy, it`s fabulous. How can you ask for more? You can have a simple day makeup or a sophisticated night one, only by using an eyeliner. It`s great!

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6. Blue-ish

Blue shades are so IN in year 2014. You have seen them at Marc Jacobs Fashion Show spring/summer 2014 and since then they are in top. From blue to cobalt blue, turquoise and blue shades, everything is permitted on the eyelids. It’s about time that makeup artists bring a little color with the coming of spring.

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7. Straight hair

There’s no secret that 2014 is the year of naturalness, so ladies, put your hair extensions aside.. This year straight hair has a great come back. Some of us are lucky, some are not. Those who aren`t very lucky and don`t have straight hair should use the hair straightener. Straight hair did not miss the Fashion Shows like Chloe, Miu Miu and Donna Karan, but is also was present in some campaigns such as Versace, Valentino, Givenchy and Prada.

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8. Braids

From New York to Paris and back, either summer or fall, braids remain a trend. Things did not change this year either, braids stay in trend, and you can play with your hair and try a lot of types of braids. From Swedish braids, dreadlocks to fish braid, everything is permitted. This is very good because you can do them at home and braids can be worn to any event. They are simple but sophisticated and accessories can be added. It`s just wonderful!

These are the most popular trends spring / summer and fall / winter 2014. They are simple but elegant at the same time. I personally really like them and I’m glad that they are very useful too. There’s nothing out of the ordinary and this can be a relief.

I hope these trends will inspire you.


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