A Complete Guide on How to Grow Spiritually and Nourish Your Life

//A Complete Guide on How to Grow Spiritually and Nourish Your Life
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Have you ever felt like something is missing in your life? Or more so, is something missing in you?

Few women take the time for spiritual growth. However, spiritual growth can be the most rewarding and fulfilling thing in anyone’s life.

Regardless of religious preference, taking the time and energy to improve who you are as a spiritual being is remarkably important to a thriving and prosperous life.

We are talking about thriving in your love life, your friendships, and your family relationships. We are talking about prosperity in health, finance, and happiness.ac

What we’re talking about is finding wholeness within and being the best version of yourself.

Read on for a complete guide on how to grow spiritually and nourish your life.

Practice Mindfulness

Live in the now. This is the first step in how to grow spiritually.

Allow yourself to fully experience the present moment.

Feel the clothes on your back, the chair you’re sitting in. Smell the air. Hear the noise of life around you.

Acknowledge your thoughts, but quickly release them. Don’t let them distract you from the moment. Simple recognize their presence and let them go.

Feel your emotions, but don’t dwell on them.

To help yourself remain in the present and not slip down a path of thought, focus on your breathing, but don’t alter or control it.

Observe it coming in and out. Sense it flowing through your nose and feel it expand your lungs as your chest moves up and down.

Any time a though distracts you, observe it, then return to focusing on your breathing. Simply existing at the moment.

Mindfulness is harder than it sounds, but it gets easier over time with practice.

Practice Expansion and Open-Mindedness

Once you have gotten the hang of mindfulness, it’s time to take it a step further.

Meditating has been shown to have wildly positive effects on our minds and bodies.

In the 3D realm, meditation has been shown to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and even pain. It can help you sleep at night, ditch bad habits and addictions, and even have placebo-like effects.

This begs the question of what is actually the placebo, our minds or the medications?

Diving deeper, we come to transcendental meditation. Transcendental meditation requires no belief system and doesn’t interfere with any.

It is following mindfulness into a state of complete awareness, as though you are detached from your thoughts and your body.

Transcendental meditation is calming, healing, and informative. It expands our minds, our awareness, and how we view life.

Practice Kindness

Remember the “Golden Rule?” Treat others how you want to be treated. In other words, practice kindness.

How to grow spiritually by practicing kindness requires you to practice unconditional kindness.

Regardless of if you had a bad day or a customer is screaming at you so furiously that spit is showering your face, respond to other only with kindness.

When you learn a standard of treating others this way, you established growth.

Practice Being Grateful

As Americans, we tend to be a little spoiled and somewhat entitled.  It’s simply a product of our environment. We have unlimited clean water to drink, and endless amounts of food and medical equipment.

However, being so fortunate and never knowing a harder way of life, we live with a lack-mentality. Instead of focusing on all the things we have, even if it’s very little by societal standards, we focus on what we don’t have.

We always want a nice, newer car or house. Our clothes are never good enough, our wallets never full enough.

America is the 11th richest country in the world.

Start living gratefully. Be grateful for your home that provides you warmth place to and sleeps. Be grateful for your job providing you with the means to live. Be grateful for your relationships.

Find a way to be grateful for everything. More importantly, show the people in your life you’re grateful for them! A simple act of kindness or a gift will work perfectly.

For someone going through a spiritual journey, consider religious gifts to help them along their way!

Practice Forgiveness and Letting Go

Forgiving someone who has wronged you in reality or in your perception can be incredibly difficult. It can be even more difficult when we know they were right.

However, regardless of who was right or wrong, holding on to resentment is like poisoning our bodies, especially when it turns to hate.

Forgiving and letting go can be one of the most healing experiences in our lives. It’s not our job to hold someone emotionally accountable for what they did. Hating them only burdens ourselves.

Don’t just forgive them. Love them. Love them exactly for what they are and where they’re at in their life.

Practice Patience

Practicing how to grow spiritually means learning patience.

Impatience, anxiety, frustration, anger, and rage all lead to one thing.


Many physical and mental illnesses can all be traced back to unmanaged stress in our lives. We live in a fast-paced, competitive world. We work too much and relax too little.

Practicing patience and learning to let go of stressful feelings can help us heal and live a life with less anxiety.

How to Grow Spiritually by Practicing Love

No matter what religion or philosophy of life you follow, they all teach the same thing. Love.

Most religions say God is, in fact, Love.

However, very few of us actually live that way.


All love starts with self-love. It’s not narcissistic or vain. You can’t love others unconditionally when you can’t even love yourself.

Treat your body kindly. Exercise and be active, eat healthy, nourishing foods.

Accept yourself for who you are, all of your perceived flaws included. Learn to love yourself, your failures, your mistakes, because it has all led you to where you are today.

They have made you who you are.

Love Others

Among the most difficult of practices while learning how to grow spiritually is loving others.

There is so much hate and ugliness in the world it seems. However, that is just from one point of view, the one society and social media point out.

Change the filter through which you see the world. Look for love and you will find it. Begin to look at the world differently, through eyes of acceptance and gratefulness.

Be respectful of other peoples beliefs, even if they don’t align with yours. Love people where they’re at. Catch yourself judging others and change the dialog.

Teach yourself to look at humanity with unconditional love. Become love.

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