9 Amazing Benefits of Living in Texas

//9 Amazing Benefits of Living in Texas
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From its style, food, culture, and people, Texas has a lot to offer and it is no lie that it is one of the greatest states that you can live in here in America. They say that everything is bigger in Texas including the size of their houses and the steak, well in as much as this is true, Texas has a lot more to offer than just the meat, football, and the cowboy boots. While living in Texas, you will definitely have the chance to experience this dynamic state and all that it has to offer.

One of the fastest growing States is Texas with a population growth rate of 13.7% in the last eight years. This is more than double the 5.8% national population growth rate. This growth can be as a result of the ever-expanding job market or culture. Let us look at some of the benefits of living in Texas.

1. A Number of Job Opportunities

It is almost impossible not to find employment in Texas if you really need one. This is because it is home to a number of fortune 500 companies with the headquarters of huge companies like GameStop, At&t, Southwest, Phillips 66, ExxonMobil, Texas instrument, Valero, Whole foods, and more located there.

You will have the chance to work for one of the industries leaders while living in Texas and grow your skills too. The oil and gas business in Texas has had a significant boost in the number of job opportunities.

If you are into rocket science, you will definitely want to be in Texas because Houston is the home to the Johnson Space Center and has opened its door to so many scientists and engineers while also giving funding to smaller companies in the area to help them grow.

There are job opportunities in the health and education sectors too. The unemployment rate in this state is way lower than the national average. You can be sure to find an income activity in Texas.

2. Bigger, Better, and Affordable Housing

Whether you are a young professional or an entrepreneur, the cost of living in Texas is one that is admired by many. For instance, in El Paso, Texas, the average rent for a single family unit is $1,117, which is way cheaper as compared to other big cities in the country.

Not only are the houses affordable, but Texans are also known to build very big houses because of the massive land available. If you are looking to be a homeowner then living in Texas will definitely give you the opportunity to do so.

If you want to sell your home and build or buy a better one while in Texas, you can also easily and quickly do so with the help if the real estate agents in the areas. Here, you will be able to sell your house in no more than 10 days.

There are a lot of amazing places that you can choose to live in like:

Houston- If you want to live in a diverse city
San Antonio- For a more chilled and relaxed vibe
Dallas- The city with the crazy sports scene
Austin- Smaller yet growing city one of the best places to live in

While living in Texas, you will be able to acquire land faster and cheaper than the rest of the country. The government of Texas has fewer regulations when it comes to land and this flexibility together with strict lending rules has helped it from facing any housing market crash.

3. Higher Education

There are hundreds of colleges and universities that one can study from located in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, Corpus Christi, Fort Worth, and also its capital, Austin. The University of Texas in Austin and Texas A&M University-college are some of the largest universities in the country enrolling around 40,000 undergrads. Whether you want to study business, medicine, arts, or any other program, you can be sure that while living in Texas, your dream career will take off smoothly.

Other high ranking educational institutions in Texas include Rice University, Texas Tech University, Southern Methodist University, Baylor University, Texas Christian University, and many more. These universities and colleges are well equipped to train each student to their full potential.

Texas Universities have a huge number of notable alumni who are making it big in the world today. For example, Mathew McConaughey, Own Wilson, and former first ladies on America Lady Bird Johnson and Laura Bush.

4. Lower Taxes

If you do not want to pay higher personal state income tax, then the lone star state is your best bet. It is one of the nine states that do not levy any taxes on personal income while this may be good news to young professionals, it is not the same for homeowners and business moguls. This is because the state has a disproportionate take from property taxes and there are some tax incentives for businesses too.

In order for the state to pay for government services, it drives 50% of tax revenue from sales and excise taxes, which is higher than 23% of the national average. However, with over 46 billionaires in Texas, one can say that there is enough money to sustain and support a very stable economy.

5. Warm Weather

Texas is definitely the place to live in if you love warm weather. This State is really hot with average temperatures of 80 to 100 degrees.

Even though you will still experience some mild temperatures with little to no snow in some nine months of the year, the sun will still be shinning. Even the snowman in Texas is made from a tumbleweed.

The Rio Grande, the hottest spot in Texas, has an average of 102 degrees. This is hot, and if you are not a fan of such a climate then you will not love Texas.

The best thing about it is that with the affordable cost of buying land, you can buy enough for you to put up a nice swimming pool for you to cool off in during those hot afternoons. You are also advised to take a lot of cold showers during summer while living in Texas.

6. Delicious BBQ Treats

Everyone in Texas knows how to fire up a grill and make some good barbecue; you will definitely be part of that and this is one of the fun benefits of living in Texas. Whether you go to a restaurant or get invited to a neighborhood block party, you can be sure to enjoy some big juicy steak. The Lone Star State invented barbecue, and if you are a vegetarian in Texas, too bad.

Some of the major BBQ shops in Texas are Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Snow’s BBQ in Lexington, Tyler’s in Amarillo, Pecan Lodge in Dallas, and Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor. These restaurants serve a mean slab of meat that you will not get enough of.

7. You Will Enjoy the Sports While Living in Texas

Texas is the home to a number of winning national sports league franchises. They include:

The Houston Texan and Dallas Cowboys for football
Texas Rangers and Houston Astros for baseball
Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, the San Antonio Spurs for basketball
Dallas stars for hockey
The Houston livestock show and rodeo which is the largest rodeo in the whole world and is also very popular in Texas

If you support any of the above teams, don’t forget to buy some merchandise and join local fan groups to enjoy the frenzy.

8. The Southern Hospitality

This term evolved from the south’s roots and their tendency for politeness and kindness to their neighbors and strangers alike. Whether you are just walking along the road, in a restaurant, attending an official or social gathering, you will definably hear a howdy or good day ma’am or sir. This is the Texan way and they do it naturally.

Texans are known for this form of respectful, polite and kind greeting, and do not be surprised if it grows into you in no time.

9. You Will Enjoy the Beauty of Mother Nature

Texas is a very big state. In fact, it is said to be as big as France. It is no surprise that it comes with some natural beauty. The beauty that Texas has to offer is too many to count. They include:

• The Palo Duro Canyon
• The historical Enchanted Rock state natural area
• The calming Padre Island National Seashore
• Big Thicket National Preserve that has 100,000 acres of unspoiled backcountry
• And many more

If you love to explore nature, then you will have a good time going sight-seeing and exploring around Texas.

You Definitely Have a Reason to Love Living in Texas

There is indeed some undeniable charm in living in Texas and it is no wonder that thousands of people are moving there each day.

If you can stand the heat, love some good BBQ and you are a sports fan, then Texas is definitely the place to be. You will also have the chance of building your massive dream home easily. You can be sure that whatever you want, Texas will have it for you.

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