8 Must Haves Every Woman Should Have

//8 Must Haves Every Woman Should Have
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Women live hectic lives with busy schedules.

In 2018, there is an increase in the number of entrepreneurial women who have decided to forge their own businesses, too.

To be in tip-top shape, there are certain products every woman should own.

Read on to discover the 8 must haves every woman should own right now.

1. Beauty Must Haves Include Micellar Water

Women’s facial care requires a few key steps. Cleansing, toning, and following up with a moisturizer can be the best way to provide a simple routine to keep your skin glowing. One of these steps includes wiping off makeup from the day before bedtime.

One product that recently launched on the market is micellar water.

Micellar water has powerful cleansing water that is better than what’s available on tap. Sold at the drugstore, this cleanser soothes and refreshes the skin with just a couple of swipes.

It removes dirt, excess oil, and cleans your face to leave you feeling completely new again.

The best part? It can be found for under $10! Women need to keep a few bottles of micellar water in their makeup arsenal for easy removal at night time or after a gym workout session.

2. Hand Weights

In terms of working out, women need hand weights in the house.

Another one of our top must haves is hand weights because most hardworking career women do not have time to drive to the gym for an hour-long work out after a busy day at the office.

These hand weights are portable enough to take outside for a quick workout in the fresh air. They usually come in a few colors and weight measurements so you can find the best ones for your individual style.

As you enter the dating scene as a single woman, men are impressed by good health habits such as working out and eating right. Your health should be one of your top priorities, in addition to staying up to date on how to become His Secret Obsession as you explore the dating world.

Be sure to pick up some trendy hand weights as they top our list for a woman’s must haves.

3. Sunscreen

Adding a sunscreen into your daily routine is also important. Even if you live in an area where there are more cloudy days than sunny ones, you should consider investing in a sunscreen to protect your skin every day of the year.

Sun damage is one of the first signs of aging. Since we all want to look younger, you need a daily sunscreen to apply on your delicate face and neck before you walk out the door to prevent premature skin damage.

Picking out the perfect sunscreen can be difficult, but do your research until you test out the right brand. A lot of sunscreens have been reformulated to smell better and work into the skin much faster than previous ones.

A favorite sunscreen brand is Supergoop! as they do not use harsh chemicals and are known for high-quality ingredients to protect your skin all day long.

4. Running Shoes

Owning tennis shoes does not have to end in you making a purchase of clunky, unattractive sneakers. There are dozens of new designs in the world of running shoes to make them stylish.

Find a pair of black and white running shoes to wear while you run errands and feel chic, too. When you invest in good quality shoes, you are investing in your health. Don’t compromise and wear cheap shoes because you are constantly on your feet no matter what job you have.

Slip on your favorite chic shoes with some high-rise denim and a blazer for an even sassier outfit that can compete with what the top models are wearing nowadays.

5. Loose Powder Foundation

As a woman on the go, you ought to change up your foundation once in a while. Your skin will love a loose powder foundation that doesn’t clog your pores.

Check out your local beauty store to ask the employees about the best loose powder foundation for your skin tone. The beauty gurus there can even give you a closer look at what shade of foundation will fit your skin tone the best, too.

Treat yourself to a brand new foundation that won’t be sticky and messy when you apply it in the morning.

A lot of liquid foundations will cake up and drip off your face in the hot summer months, so be sure to add the powder on top of these liquid products if you still plan on using them.

6. Portable Phone Charger

The entire population loves to be on their phones. However, phones continue to die faster with each new upgrade.

Another one of our top must haves includes portable phone chargers. Store these portable phone chargers in your car and leave a few in your home for easy access.

A power station can plug right into your phone jack and leave you with a charged phone on the go. You can also keep one in your purse when you are in a hurry and need to give your dead phone some immediate life.

7. Dry Shampoo

If washing your hair every day seems like a hassle, sprinkle dry shampoo into your scalp!

Dry shampoo has ingredients to soak up all the excess oil build-up in your scalp. If you are someone who loves to put products in her hair, then you may find this build-up occurs often.

Dry shampoo to the rescue as it instantly refreshes your blow out to keep your hair looking clean again.

8. Reusable Water Bottle

Save the planet and drink up with a reusable water bottle. Keep an insulated bottle in your car that can stay cold throughout the day.

Drinking from the same water bottle can be beneficial for the environment, too. Plastic water bottles continue to pollute the world, but there are ways to eliminate your carbon footprint.

You can find one that tracks how much water you drink to see if you are on track to consume the right amount each day.

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