8 Amazing Investment Opportunities You Never Knew Existed

//8 Amazing Investment Opportunities You Never Knew Existed
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Investing is something all women should be doing.

It’s the best way to help you protect your savings and allow your money to work for you. It will also ensure that when it comes time to retire, you’ll have more than enough to truly enjoy your golden years.

But, where should you start investing? The stock market is daunting to many first-time investors, but there are so many other options that most people aren’t aware of.

That’s why we gathered this list for you of some amazing investment opportunities that you didn’t know existed!

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1. Your Peers

A relatively new way to invest, but one that many people are finding to be an easy way to earn some extra money without needing to put a lot of effort into it. It’s simple and fast to set up recurring investments with this method.

With peer-to-peer lending, you get to act as the bank by lending money to other people at lowered interest rates. When they pay back the loan, you get the interest along with everyone else that invested in them.

This may be the best way to start investing if you don’t have a lot of money, to begin with because some websites allow you to jump in with very little money.

2. Rental Properties

This can take some extra work, but having property is always a great investment opportunity. If it doesn’t work out with renters, you can always sell the property, often for more than you paid for it.

By purchasing commercial or residential properties and renting them out, you get money coming in every month. At first, this income will primarily be used to pay off the mortgage, but after you own the property outright, you’ll earn every month.

Another way to jump into rental properties without needing to buy a property is to rent out part of your existing home. You may rent out a room, your basement, or even your garage to someone that wants to use it.

3. Real Estate Crowdfunding

If you like the idea of investing in real estate but can’t afford to jump into owning your own rental properties, real estate crowdfunding is another option. It also allows you to avoid needing to be a landlord and worry about finding tenants.

Essentially, you work alongside other investors to provide the needed funds for a real estate expert to purchase a property. Then, you and everyone else gets paid back with interest as the property earns money.

4. Crypto-Currency

This is another new investment option today, but one in which many people are making a ton of money. The most popular crypto-currency is BitCoin, but there are many others to choose from.

Some of the other popular types of crypto-currency are:

  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ripple XRP
  • Ethereum

If you don’t want to try to figure out how to invest this way, you can try using a crypto trading bot. All you have to do is tell it how you want to invest, and it does all the work for you.

5. Small Business

Investing in a small business will help you earn extra money, and will help another person achieve their dream. This, in turn, can boost your local economy and provide additional jobs to people in your community.

You can become a silent partner in a small business that needs some financial help to get off the ground or take their business to the next level. Then, you earn your money back as they earn more because of your investment.

Be sure to carefully consider a small business before jumping into it. Make sure the business owner knows what they’re doing and has a solid plan for how they’re going to use your money to grow their business.

6. Wine

Believe it or not, but investing in wine can help you earn up to 26% on your initial investment. You’ll need to have a big wine storage area and know the market, but this can be incredibly lucrative.

Wine increases in value every year as it ages, and many wine connoisseurs will pay good money for aged wine. They’ll also want to know the exact history of each bottle, so keep careful records of each bottle as you buy it.

What’s great about this investment opportunity is that all you really have to do to get started is buy some wine. You can start with just a couple of bottles and scale up as you’re able.

7. Your 401k

To get the most out of your retirement fund, you should be investing as much as you can in your 401k now. This allows you to set more money aside so that when you reach retirement, you’ll have a huge bonus.

It’s particularly important to invest extra in your 401k if your employer matches your contributions. By not putting in as much as you can, you’re missing out on free money for retirement!

8. Yourself

It may seem strange, but by investing in yourself, you could see huge returns on this investment. This will look different for everyone depending on your specific goals.

You may take classes to master skills that will make you more valuable to your boss or to enable you to change careers entirely so you can make more money somewhere else.

Another way to invest in yourself is to learn general skills. Money management can help you save more money. Time management will help you get more done in less time so there’s more time to make extra money.

Want to Learn More About Investment Opportunities?

Now you have a list of eight great investment opportunities to choose from that will help you gain financial freedom and provide a better retirement for you. Don’t forget to diversify your investments by picking a couple of methods.

If you want to learn more, be sure to check out our money blog posts, including one we recently did on the best income-producing assets to invest in. These will give you a few more options to help you invest your money wisely.

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