7 Unique Summer Date Ideas for 2020

//7 Unique Summer Date Ideas for 2020
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The days are getting hotter and that means that the summer fun is creeping in! While there will be many events to enjoy with your friends and family, sometimes you need a quality date out with your significant other to take in what summer has to offer.

Coming up with summer date ideas isn’t always an easy task. The weather is warm, the days are longer, and there is so much fun to be had! 

We have a few fantastic summer date ideas that can help make for wonderful memories. Let’s check them out! 

7 Fantastic Summer Date Ideas

What makes a good date? You need something that can appeal to both of your interests but shouldn’t be the same old things you always do. You need someplace you can get close, but it doesn’t have to be a candlelit dinner. 

Check out these 7 ideas and find which one might appeal best for you and your significant other. 

1. Visiting the Resurgent Drive-In

The drive-ins of old are seeing a resurgence. All you need is a car, some snacks, and your partner of choice to watch some great movies with. 

Don’t have a drive-in near you? Look into renting a projector to recreate the same feel on the side of your house! 

2. Catching the Biggest Amusement Parks

For some, summer fun often means the best amusement parks. From massive rollercoasters to big water parks, a long day is more than enough time to find the thrills and excitement of a classic amusement park. 

3. Try Your Hand at a New Skill

Learning a new skill can be a great bonding experience. There are plenty of unique sports and other activities to catch if you want to try your hand at a new experience. 

For example, throwing axes have become a simple joy for many in the past few years. Spend the day trying out your dexterity and see for yourself! 

4. Find a Summer Music Festival

Sharing your musical passion with someone is a beautiful way to connect with what moves you. Whether you are introducing your significant other to your style of music or enjoying the band that you both know and love, a music festival can be a fantastic way to spend an afternoon or weekend. 

5. Enjoy a Stroll Through the Park

Sometimes a simple day out in nature can make for a picture-perfect date. Take a bike ride around your local park or make a picnic under your favorite stretch of trees. It’s a guarantee for a quiet and beautiful date. 

6. Have Brunch on the Patio

Food can be a great way to bring people together. Cooking brunch for your significant other is a beautiful sign of affection. If you both want a treat, find a nice cafe to dine out on their own patio. 

7. Checking Out a Local Beach

Last but not least, what says summer fun more than a trip to the beach? The cool waves, the bright sun, and the long stretches of sand can bring out a true sense of contentment. Enjoy the day and then lie out and gaze at the stars after sunset. 

Staying up to Date on All the Summer Fun

Any of these summer date ideas can make for a wonderful night, or day, full of memories and love. With the summer stretching out ahead, you might even have a chance to try them all!

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