7 Incredible Locations to Consider For Your Wedding Photoshoot

//7 Incredible Locations to Consider For Your Wedding Photoshoot
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The moment you accept that ring, you have so many events to plan. You’re so busy picturing the perfect wedding that you forget about the wedding photos.

Your wedding photos should show the excitement you’re feeling while conveying love and passion. So why not go all out for your pictures? Rather than settle for stereotypical wedding photos, find a far-off location and shoot there.

But with so many people areas of the world, where do you choose? Be unique with your wedding photoshoot and shoot in one of these 7 picturesque locations.

1. The Beach

You may read this and think a beach wedding and the beach is one of the most stereotypical locations for wedding pictures. And in a way, it is. But you can easily spice up a beach wedding shoot.

If you’re the type of couple who loves having fun, take pictures while playing on the beach. Build sandcastles, bury him in the sand while he’s wearing his tux, and collect seashells.

And who said bridesmaid bikinis and groomsmen swimming trunks were a bad idea?

Take off the dress and suit and hit the waves. If you’re an adventurous couple, go surfing while wearing your veil.

If you had the picture-perfect beach wedding, have some amazing beach photos after the “I do’s.”

2. The Lake

Do you love the water but hate the beach? The lake is an equally romantic way to have fun in the sun.

A lakefront conveys special feelings of love and fun. Lakes also hold an irresistible beauty. This makes the lake a perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

If you’re marrying your partner near a lake, save the lake for your photos. Find scenic areas around the shore for your pictures. You can be creative and romantic with a rowing boat and other fun features of the lake.

A lake is also a great place for water activities. For an adventurous couple, go boating or jet skiing.

3. Vineyard

Vineyards offer us more than just wine. Vineyards hold an illimitable beauty, which is perfect for wedding photos. If you’re having a wedding in a lavish location such as Napa Valley, plan your wedding photos is an elegant vineyard.

Vineyards offer so many stunning natural elements.

Blooming grapevines are some of the most unique sights in the world and look amazing on pictures. Many vineyards also offer several gorgeous natural scenes such as lush green grass and rolling hills.

And hey, nothing makes a better picture than a fresh glass of wine. You and your spouse should toast to the fresh wine from the vineyard. Toast at the reception and during your photos — the vineyard will appreciate it.

4. The Park

Your local park is one of the simplest treasures in the world. Just a quick drive and you’re in nature heaven. Large trees, lovely plants, thriving wildlife and even a few lakes always make a great photo.

Rather than driving off somewhere far from the reception hall, have your wedding pictures at your local park.

Nature always makes an amazing location. Stand near tall trees, take some romantic photos on the trail, and gaze over some of your local wildlife.

Or, you can find your inner child by playing on the playground.

For a more lavish experience, find a botanical garden in your area. Stunning flowers are always a romantic choice.

5. A Mountain

Do you and your spouse love a good hike? A mountain is stunning for a wedding.

And mountain ranges make even better wedding photos. Mountains are amazing.

They offer so much natural wonder — there’s nothing like seeing snow-capped mountains in the distance.

It’s understandable if you’re not climbing to the mountaintop in a bridal gown and tux. But a picture kissing in front of a mountain range will leave viewers in awe.

Or, you can find a location on a smaller climb. Just a quick hike over a few hills and you’re on top of a rock. Relax with your spouse and take some romantic shots to commemorate your wedding.

6. Sand Dunes

Maybe you don’t live in an area with lush green nature, beaches, or even mountains. Maybe you live in the desert. You may not think sand dunes scream romance, but you’ll be amazed how incredible they look in your wedding photos.

If you’re having a Vegas wedding, be a little creative with your wedding photos.

Go off the grid to some Nevada deserts and take shots near the sand dunes. With different camera angles and a variety of poses, you can get creative with sand dune pictures.

Pro tip: wait until the sun sets. You’ll be amazed at the clash of colors.

7. The Carnival

The carnival is a staple in so many cities. The carnival brings fun to a whole town.

So why not host your wedding at the carnival? If you plan on saying “I do” at the fair, have some fun with your wedding photos.

And you have to agree, a carnival wedding reception is the best wedding reception ever. And the carnival makes for even better wedding photos.

Have the photographer to take shots of you and your spouse riding on rides, playing all of the fun games get some Ferris wheel shots, take pictures eating deep-fried Oreos, and maybe pose with a few clowns.

Overall, let your inner child come out with the love of your life.

Time for Your Wedding Photoshoot

Planning your wedding takes a lot of work. You’re focused on so many details, you often forget about the wedding photoshoot. But this is your chance to think outside the box.

Travel a little bit and explore some local gems in your area. Find amazing natural locations or an event that you and your spouse love. Your wedding photos are the ultimate wedding memento, so make sure you make the best of your photos.

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