6 Ways to Incorporate Tank Tops Into Your Wardrobe

//6 Ways to Incorporate Tank Tops Into Your Wardrobe
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Is your closet in need of a serious makeover?

Do you feel like you have all the basics you need, but you can’t quite figure out how to liven them up?

Got a special occasion coming up, and struggling to put together the kind of outfit that turns heads and leaves lasting impressions?

If so, then why not return to one of the biggest staples in fashion: tank tops.

No matter where you’re going (or who you’re meeting) these classic tops can pull together any outfit — and they’ve received a major style upgrade in recent years.

Read on to learn how to create awesome outfits based on the classic tank top.

Under A Blazer

Is there anything more satisfying than an outfit that makes you feel powerful and sexy at the same time?

We don’t think so.

Whether you’re headed to the boardroom or for a first date with that cute guy from Tinder, there’s nothing that will make you feel more confident than tank tops layered underneath an awesome and elegant fitted blazer.

For inspiration about the right kind of jacket, you can’t go wrong with anything reminiscent of YSL’s iconic “Le Smoking” jacket.

Pair with skinny jeans and spiked black heels for the ultimate “woman in charge” look.

Over A White Tee

Nothing screams “Americana” quite like the killer combination of a white tee-shirt and jeans.

And while we always love the elegance of a classic look, it’s also fun to update it so it’s a bit more with the times.

A return to the 90’s style of dressing came back in a big way in late 2017, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down in the new year. For a look that’s equal parts Alicia Silverstone and Courtney Love, we suggest layering tank tops in every color over a plain white fitted tee shirt.

For a more Alicia in Clueless look, pair this winning combo with a tartan plaid skirt. If you’re more interested in Courtney’s punk vibes, wear with white stockings (holes in them are optional) and a pastel-colored skirt.

With High-Waisted Jeans

The era of low-rise jeans ended a long time ago (and we’re seriously happy about that.)

These days, it’s all about high-waisted jeans that come up over your tummy and cover your bellybutton — and make the back side of you look seriously fantastic.

Tank tops are an amazing thing to pair with high-waisted jeans because they can be tucked right into them for a super-flattering — but still carefree and casual — look.

We especially love the idea of pairing them with loose-fitting boyfriend jeans that you cuff just above the ankle. Throw on a huge, attention-getting men’s hat and aviator sunglasses, and you’ll end up looking like you’re on your way to board your private jet.

With A Bold, Patterned Skirt

The beauty of tank tops is all in their simplicity.

The give you the opportunity to prevent any outfit from becoming too over-the-top by allowing you to create a balance between boldness and more subdued options.

Case in point?

Try wearing a plain tank top with a patterned skirt, filled with tons of different colors or even a wild print.

With Sweats

You’re not imagining things: casual is definitely back in a big way this season.

Blame Kylie Jenner’s oversize, comfy secret pregnancy style, or even consider the current designers using sweats in some of their most expensive offerings (we’re looking at you, Balenciaga.)

Whatever the reason for the sweats or tracksuit resurgence, we’re always grateful for trends that give us the chance to be both stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Throw on your favorite pair of sweats with the solid-colored tank tops of your choice, and get ready to hit the town. For best results, be daring and tuck your sweats into a pair of over-the-knee boots.

Don’t be afraid to go a size (or even two!) up when you’re shopping for sweatpants these days. Also don’t shy away from wearing them to every occasion, from dinner with the girls to an unexpected date night with your man.

Dress them up by pairing them with a delicate necklace and a bold lipstick color.

Sweats may be all about comfort, but they’re also all about having fun and not taking fashion too seriously.

With A Message

Women in today’s world are no longer afraid to speak their minds — and your clothing should embrace this awesome trend.

No matter what you’re thinking or feeling, your clothing can help you to express it.

We love this awesome and fun messages printed on tank tops from Girls Knock Life. Some of our favorite messages include “You are capable of amazing things,” “She believed she could, so she did,” and of course, “Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be.”

Especially if you sometimes have trouble starting conversations, these tops allow you to let your clothing do the talking for you!

What Else Can You Pair With Tank Tops?

We’re sure that this post has you ready to run to the mall and load up on tank tops in every size, style, and color.

Whether you’re prepping for a night with the girls, heading to a corporate event, or even just hanging out at home, life is all about getting dressed for every occasion.

Clothes can help you to express your personality, feel more confident and empowered, and of course, give you an awesome creative outlet.

What are your favorite ways to wear a tank? What other basics do you love upgrading to fit a new wardrobe?

Let us know in the comments, and keep checking back with our blog for more invaluable fashion updates.

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