6 Unforgettable Wedding Ceremony Ideas

//6 Unforgettable Wedding Ceremony Ideas
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In the United States, there are nearly 2.3 million couples that get married every year. If you’re planning to be one of them, then you’re probably looking for ways to make your wedding feel more unique and special to you. 

Creating an unforgettable wedding ceremony is up to you and your future spouse. Walking down the aisle should be a magical day that you both remember forever. 

There are tons of wedding ceremony ideas that can make your wedding special but you should make sure that they fit your needs. 

Keep reading for our guide to the six unforgettable wedding ceremony ideas that you need to use for your upcoming wedding.

1. Sand Wedding Ceremony

One unique and beautiful ceremony to have at your wedding is the sand ceremony. This is when the bride and groom each take a separate color of sand and then take turns pouring them into another vase, jar, or glass bottle. 

This builds a beautiful monument of your love coming together that you can cherish forever. You can also have your family members be included within the sand ceremony by having them pour a little bit of sand as well. 

The color of the sand is completely up to you and can signify anything that you and your new spouse want it to. You could even choose sand from a place that is meaningful to each of you. 

2. Water Blending Ceremony

Very similar to the sand ceremony, you could also do a water blending ceremony at your wedding. For this type of ceremony, you will use different colors of water and when poured together they create a new color. 

This is a beautiful ceremony that is very meaningful and shows how your two lives will be blended together for years to come. 

Before deciding on what colors of water that you and your future spouse will be using you should take the time to experiment. You want the end result to be a beautiful color that you can cherish forever with your spouse. 

3. Tying God’s Knot

There’s a reason why getting married is sometimes called tying the knot and you can emphasis that at your wedding ceremony so that it is unforgettable. God’s knot ceremony comes from the verse Ecclesiastes 4:12 which talks about a knot with three strands that cannot be broken quickly. 

Within this ceremony, you and your future spouse will be tying three pieces of cord, rope, ribbon, or something else that is meaningful to the two of you. The three stands each have their own meaning which is man, woman, and God. This symbolizes the three coming together and can not be broken easily. 

The two of you will be inviting God into your marriage which is important to many people and can help you have an unforgettable ceremony. 

4. Exchange Vows With Your Mother-In-Law

If you and your future spouse aren’t so much into symbolism and want your wedding to be a bit more light-hearted, then there are also awesome wedding ceremony ideas that can be fun but still meaningful. Besides exchanging wedding vows with your new spouse you could also exchange vows with your mother-in-law!

This is a fun addition to your wedding ceremony that can get people laughing but can also be a very special moment between you and your new family. 

Whichever path you choose for your wedding ceremony, you’re going to need to make sure you get a wedding video from it. Having a beautifully thought out video of your wedding is a sure way to make sure that it is unforgettable for you and your family. 

Whether you’re going for a serious romantic vibe or you and your spouse like to be a bit cheesy you’re going to want to remember this moment forever. Make sure you hire a videographer that can tell the story of your wedding in a magical video. 

5. Lock Away Love Letters

Before your wedding ceremony, you and your spouse should write love letters for your future selves. Make sure to talk about all the great and magical things that happened as you feel in love and all of the events leading up to your wedding. One important part of the love letter ceremony is that you can’t let your partner read the letter!

During your wedding ceremony, you and your spouse will lock away the love letters you wrote for each other along with two wine glasses and a bottle of wine. 

You won’t open these letters until a big milestone anniversary. Make sure you plan a special evening for just the two of you to read your love letters, drink wine, and fall in love all over again years and years later. 

6. Create a Ceremony That is Special to You

If you’re taking the time to look for unforgettable wedding ceremony ideas, then this must be something important to you meaning that you can create your own ritual. Your wedding should be special for you and your new spouse so make sure to do something that makes you both feel comfortable and loved. 

A few other ideas could be to release a love lantern during your wedding, write your own special vows whether they’re sappy or funny is completely up to you, or even have your pets be apart of your wedding ceremony. 

When it comes to your wedding ceremony you’re going to want to make sure that it is a day that you never forget so make sure to fill it with everything that you and your spouse love. 

Wedding Ceremony Ideas You Can Use

Luckily for you, these are all wedding ceremony ideas that you can use for your upcoming wedding! Your best bet for creating a perfectly unforgettable wedding for you and your future spouse is to make sure to tweak any wedding ceremony ideas and make them special and unique to you. 

Overall, your wedding is going to be one of the most important days for you and your spouse-to-be so make sure that it is everything you could have ever dreamed of. 

If you’re looking for more wedding tips and trick or just want a bit of lifestyle advice, then make sure to keep scrolling our blog so you can see all of our latest and interesting posts. 

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