5 Tips for Feet Care to Promote Good Health

//5 Tips for Feet Care to Promote Good Health
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About four out of five adults in the US have dealt with a foot issue at some point in their lives.

Even though foot pain slows down millions of Americans every year, it tends to impact women the most. In fact, women are up to nine times more likely to experience foot issues due to poorly-fitted shoes than men.

Looking for some tips for feet care that will help you avoid pain and discomfort? Read on to learn what you can do to take better care of your feet.

1. Only Wear Shoes That Fit

When shopping for new shoes, be careful with the toe box. Having too much room can cause calluses to develop as your feet move around in your shoes. But too little room above your toes can lead to blisters and corns from excessive rubbing.

Try going shopping later in the afternoon, especially when it’s hot outside. At this time, your feet will be at their biggest due to swelling.

2. Aim for Clean and Dry Feet

Moist, warm areas, such as the inside of your shoe, provide the perfect place for fungus to grow.

To avoid foot fungus, wash your feet thoroughly with soap every day. Pay particularly close attention to the areas between your toes, as this is where athlete’s foot tends to develop.

Keep your feet dry by changing your socks several times per day as well. Consider that socks made from synthetic fibers are much better at wicking sweat away from your feet than cotton socks.

3. Massage and Stretch Regularly

Giving yourself a quick foot massage before bed can boost your circulation. If you don’t want to rub your feet with your hands, you can roll them over a tennis ball instead.

Some stretching can also help you loosen up tight foot muscles and alleviate foot pain in the morning. For example, you could try writing the alphabet with your toes after waking up.

4. Consider Orthotics

When you have chronic foot issues, over-the-counter insoles are one of the best feet care products you can invest in. They can help you treat anything from heel pain to flat feet.

If the pain persists after using insoles, visit a prosthetist to get custom orthotics. They’ll make one for you using a mold of your foot.

5. Trim Your Nails Properly

Ingrown toenails aren’t completely avoidable. But you can reduce your chances of getting them by trimming them the right way.

Always cut your nails completely straight, don’t round them. Use a nail file at least once a week as well.

Trim your nails following a shower, as they’re much softer during this time.

When trimming, keep an eye out for any discoloration. This could be a sign of an infection

Final Thoughts on Feet Care Tips

If you have any shoes that are severely worn out, get rid of them and replace them immediately. Not only can they lead to blisters, but you may end up with even more pain if your shoe no longer absorbs shock the way it should.

Also, keep in mind that adding a few extra pounds puts significant stress on your ankles. Therefore, losing weight can reduce ankle pain. Just remember to wear the proper shoes when working out.

Are you interested in reading about more health tips for women? If so, be sure to check out our health blog!

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