5 Self-Defense Tools All Women Should Know About

//5 Self-Defense Tools All Women Should Know About
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Looking for some quick tools to defend yourself in any situation?

Maybe you’ve had a chance to take a class or are thinking about it.

Here are five self-defense tools you should always keep handy no matter what situation you’re walking into.

Read on to learn more about these tools to ensure that you can be prepared to protect yourself against anything! A safe lifestyle is a beautiful lifestyle.

5 Self-Defense Tools All Women Should Know About

1. Bear Spray and Other Self-Defense Tools

If you find yourself in crime-prone areas or traveling, running, or walking alone, keep bear spray or other self-defense weapons on hand.

Bear or pepper spray is a capsaicin deterrent that can temporarily blind or hurt an attacker. You can often find bear spray available in small sizes at local hunting stores to attach to your key chain.

Make sure you understand exactly how to use your pepper spray. If you are attacked, you’ll want to level the spray in the direction of the attacker’s eyes for the most effective defense.

It’s important to learn more about other self-defense weapons available, such as pocket knives and stun guns. Research and practice using these weapons wisely.

2. The Straight Up Punch or Hand Strike

When it comes to basic self-defense moves, this is one of the best and simplest to implement, because a hand strike is already a reflexive move.

Aim for the attacker’s face or eyes once you’ve identified him or her as a threat. Anchor your leading foot into the ground for maximum force, and move your hip with your arm to put more energy into the punch or strike.

3. Groin Kick

This kick can immediately disable an attacker by targeting a vulnerable area. A properly leveled groin kick can leave you free to run.

As you would with a traditional lunge, move your leading leg forward with force and connect the top of your toes to the inside of your attacker’s thigh. This is a powerful move particularly if you are aiming from your hips.

4. Knee Kick

This is a particularly useful move if someone is very close to you and/or blocking your upper body range of motion.

Leading again from your core and hips, use your knee and drive this up into (preferably) the groin or another sensitive area of your attacker. Once your attacker is disadvantaged in this way, you can reach for your pepper spray or seek outside assistance.

5. Choke Defense

If you find yourself being choked by an attacker, you can defend yourself by kicking and aiming for your attacker’s vulnerable areas.

While you are kicking, don’t try to pull the attacker’s hands off of your neck. Work towards removing the attacker’s thumbs, which are essential components of a successful choke.

Once you’ve removed these from their grasp, you can go on the offensive.

Staying Safe

When it comes to self-defense tools, there are lots of options at your disposal to ensure your safety wherever you go.

Besides traditional weapons such as bear spray and stun guns, you can also prep with a variety of basic defensive moves that will enable you to protect yourself in most any situation.

The biggest part of staying safe is staying educated. Know the tools available, travel wisely, and start conversations with other women.

You are always worth protecting! Start building your self-defense moves today so that you can protect yourself at any time and place. Enjoy today’s article or have something to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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