5 Party Planning Ideas Every Event Organizer Should Know About

//5 Party Planning Ideas Every Event Organizer Should Know About
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It’s a tough job being an event organizer since you’re always on the hunt for fresh ideas to bring to the party. This, coupled with a perfectionist personality type trying to make everything go according to plan.

You’re involved with parties so frequently that it’s sometimes difficult to get a new, creative perspective since it’s your work.

Plus, you’re spending hours upon hours planning a party — who has time to keep up with the latest trends?

We’ve got you covered!

First, Consider the Event

It’s good to know what type of party you’re planning as an event organizer so you avoid that awkward moment where nothing quite matches the mood…

Guest of Honor

Sometimes this is a business executive and other times it’s a dog.

A good read on the subject will help you understand what type of party to throw.


Space and location will determine party items and its theme.

A great event organizer can make due with what’s available. But, it’s good to double check the environment so you’re not putting on an underwhelming event.


Don’t trust your gut since people have different customs and traditions. You won’t want a conflicting event by mismatching the decorations and activities.

Look at the different death festivals for a good example of how your gut reaction to the theme could throw off your plans.


Talk with the client to understand the reasoning for the event. This will help guide your direction and intention with the ideas you decide on.

Then, Try Some Fresh Ideas

It’s time to get those creative juices flowing now that you have the event details in mind. Check out these five party ideas every event organizer should know about…

1. Not Just 80’s, Go Era

80’s parties are quite the blast because of the colorful clothing and new wave music. But, other decades have neat themes, too, that aren’t so common.

  • 60’s and go counter-culture
  • 20’s and go roaring

You could travel through time theming the party to the Victorian era. Or, send it into the future and set the theme futuristic and cyberpunk.

This will give participants an opportunity to dress up effectively making it a costume party. You could include popular games, music, and food from the time.

It could also incorporate the historical era from different countries of origin.

2. Game Night

Get the attendees competitive by mixing in gambling and challenging games.

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette

This theme could take on a casino vibe complete with buffets. Get wait staff to come around taking orders for drinks. Entertainment could be dancers or magicians as you’d find in Vegas. Else, a good Jazz group would set the tone.

Swap out money with raffle tickets.

The theme works well with any form of party game since there’s more on the line for those participating.

3. Murder Mystery

One part dinner show. One part investigation.

Murder Mystery party themes are generally purchased as a kit which outlines the story and roles of the event. These kits typically include party favors themed for the event such as stylized invitations.

Else, use a favorite mystery TV episode for the basis.

The activities will have attendees dressing and playing their part so it’s important everyone shows. The group will receive clues throughout the experience culminating with a big reveal.

Murder mysteries are set in different time periods. This will give you plenty of flexibility and creativity with the decorations and menu.

4. Ultimate Movie Night

A premiere of a new movie or one with a cult following is an enjoyable party theme everyone can get in on. Fans of the movie will talk details and theories which is an incredible icebreaker.

It’s fairly simple to get set up, too:

  1. Projector
  2. Projector screen
  3. Sound system
  4. Seating

From there, you could offer the usual munchies found at movie theaters like popcorn, soda, and hot dogs. Or, kick it up a notch and have a multi-course meal before the screening.

Afterward, discussions and games (like group trivia) can get the mingling going.

Encourage the participants to dress the part of their favorite character! Look no further than a Rocky Horror shadow production for what you could do for any movie the group loves.

5. Club Night

Most of those attending the parties are professionals. They’re no longer in their 20’s so it’s unlikely they’ve been clubbing anytime recently.

It’s something they (sort of) miss.

A club theme complete with:

  • Dancefloor
  • VIP sections
  • DJ
  • Lighting

Can be quite a thrilling party theme without the dread of feeling “too old”. We’re not talking about playing music and people mingling. We’re talking club banging tunes, strobe lights, and lasers.

The “club night” can take on different themes making it a flexible client offering.

Invitations could go out as club flyers. DJs could spin hot tunes and make announcements. VIP sections could work as places to chow down. It’s an all-around encompassing event that’s definitely out of the norm.

Also, Don’t Forget These

What’s a party without the awesome party supplies and freebies? Here are some we want to kick your way to spark extra ideas.

Print off custom:

Try some decorative items like:

  • Signage
  • Placement cards
  • Photos

Or, throw in freebies:

  • Magnets
  • Stickers
  • Totes

These simple items will give attendees something to take home. They’re great for showing recognition especially when the guest of honor hands out full colour badges, medals, and trophies.

In all, giving attendees freebies for attending makes a memorable impression to those hiring you for event services. This, combined with a great party idea, could land you tons of new jobs.

Party Hardy, You Event Organizer

An event organizer isn’t someone who gets paid to party though that shouldn’t stop you from having fun.

When the ideas and supplies come together, your clients will have a blast — making your job easier and more enjoyable.

Dig around our blog if you want more party ideas and visit our shop. You’ll find hundreds of neat party ideas & items that are sure to make the next event a hit!

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