5 Hottest Trends in Nail Designs for 2017

//5 Hottest Trends in Nail Designs for 2017
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Every season is nail season!

It’s time to treat yourself to some nail pampering this summer. Beautiful nails can transform your outfit, mood, and your lifestyle.

Been a while since you visited your local salon? Are you looking to spice things up? If so, keep these trending nail designs in mind when you schedule your next manicure or pedicure.

5 Hottest Trends in Nail Designs for 2017

1. The Blush

Classic elegance never goes out of style. That’s what’s at the top of the list when it comes to hot nail designs this year.

Choose a subtle shade of coral, salmon, or berry nail polish. If you need help finding your dream shade, check out sites like Nail Everything or comb through your favorite fashion magazine. Of course, Instagram also offers plenty of nail-spiration!

Then, paint either the full nail or a portion of it in a blush color.

This is a lovely variation of a French manicure. It emphasizes the natural glow in your soft pink nails, making this design perfect for the more understated fashionistas out there.

2. The Minimalist

When it comes to nails, simple can often be better. One of this year’s design trends is to go for minimalist designs that rely on abstract lines and curves and a simple color scheme.

This is not only classy — it is also expressive. The minimalist design treats the nail as a canvas, with your imagination as the brush.

3. The Geometric

2017 is the year of bold, simple statements. We see geometric shapes like triangles, squares, and circles in fashion everywhere this summer.

Do the same with your nails.

The Geometric nail relies on a single shape for its theme, and potentially bold colors for backgrounds. Think white circles on a red background, or green diamonds on purple. You don’t even have to break out your math textbook for this one.

4. The Throw Back

If you’re nostalgic, this nail design is perfect for you.

Summon the pizazz and vibrancy of the 80’s in your next design. Go for rainbow spreads and moon-boot dazzle. Put unexpected colors next to each other and never underestimate the power of texture.

This nail design is particularly suited for those with closets filled with throwback outfits already. It also can pair well with understated, muted clothing. It works the same magic that a stunning bracelet or ring can.

5. The Bright and Beautiful

This is one of the most popular trends in nail designs this season. Bright and beautiful is always in style, after all!

Choose bright colors to match your smile and the summer sun. Don’t be shy! Go for turquoise and bright yellow, magenta, and orange. Think Technicolor and striped candy here. Bright and beautiful nails are paired best with softer, brighter colors like white and pale blues and yellows.

Your Next Nail Design

Your nails are a huge part of your natural beauty. 2017 is trending when it comes to nail designs. Stay ahead of the curve by following the hottest trends at your salon this year.

Pull out the elegant and the whimsical in you this year when getting your nails done. Be bold with some 80’s color, or more subtle with sparse colors and lines. Match your design to your wardrobe or vice versa.

If you’re looking for some nail design dazzle outside of your local salon, consider nail accessories or bling.

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