5 Holiday Shopping Tips for Finding Your Boyfriend the Perfect Gift

//5 Holiday Shopping Tips for Finding Your Boyfriend the Perfect Gift
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Are you looking for the perfect gift to surprise your boyfriend this holiday season?

From shoes to baggage to technology, there are few classic items that every guy loves despite his style or personality.

Here are five holiday shopping tips that will help you find the perfect gift for your special someone.

1. Tech

Cool technology is everywhere you turn in today’s society. There’s something for every type of guy whether he’s techy or not.

Here are some holiday shopping tips when it comes to technology.

For the well-groomed boyfriend, you can’t go wrong with a nice electronic shaver. Shavers get worn out quickly. He will love to have a new shiny one that makes shaving a pleasure again.

For the guy who is always busy and appreciates organization and assistance, get him a Google Home or Amazon Echo.

Is your guy a music lover? If yes, there are two options here: modern or vintage-inspired.

For the modern guy, go with a nice wireless Bluetooth speaker. If your boyfriend is more into the classics, he will love a turntable to play all his records.

Lastly, if your man lives somewhere that gets cold in the winter, then he’ll appreciate some leather touchscreen gloves. With these, he’ll never miss a call or text and his hands will be trendy.

2. Baggage

Whether he’s traveling the world or spending the night at your place, you can’t go wrong with gifting him a classy wash bag. He will be able to keep all his bathroom necessities organized and in style.

For the academic and/or world traveler, a trendy leather backpack is the way to go. These things often have as much room as a carry-on.

Speaking of carry-ons, a duffle bag is great for those weekend travelers. Like razors, luggage gets worn out pretty fast. He will thank you for this thoughtful gesture.

3. Accessories

You may be thinking that jewelry isn’t a masculine gift. But actually, some men love accessories.

If your boyfriend is the stylish type, then you can’t go wrong with a metal chain.

If he’s real classy, then you’ll want to go with one of itsHot mens diamond chains. Trust me, you’ll both love how he looks wearing it.

If he is more of the sophisticated type, then a watch will always be a winner.

Watches never go out of style for good reason. They are timeless. Even celebrities like David Beckham wish for a watch for Christmas.

But, there are certain designs that are trending this season.

A leather banded watch is one. Another trend is the minimalist watch. Look for simple designs that only feature one or two color tones.

Keep in mind that silver mens’ watches are more trendy right now than gold.

4. Booze

Does your guy like to have a good drink every now and then? Then booze is a simple gift he will appreciate.

If he likes it neat, then get him Kentucky bourbon, straight rye whiskey, or brandy.

If he’s more of the cocktail mixer, then opt for Manhattan barreled finished whiskey.

5. Shoes

Let’s face it. Men and shoes just don’t have the same relationship as women and shoes. That’s why getting your boyfriend a new perfect pair is one of the best holiday gifts.

Short, stylish boots, like men’s Ugg boots, are a great gift for men who work outside or like to adventure outdoors during the cold months.

For the casual type, he will love a pair of designer sneakers.

For the professional who wants to kick back and relax after a long day at work or travel, leather slippers are the perfect holiday gift. Style and comfort all in one!

Holiday Shopping Tips Next Step

Now that you have the holiday shopping tips for the perfect gift for your man this season, you’re ready to get shopping.

Estilo Tendances has tons of gift ideas for every occasion. If you’re ready to spice things up, read about four hot gifts for him you’ll both love.

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