The 5 Highest Paying Part Time Jobs for Moms

//The 5 Highest Paying Part Time Jobs for Moms
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There’s nothing like being a mom. Watching your kids grow and learn is the most rewarding thing in the world.

But, let’s admit it. The pay’s not great.

And between all the cleaning up, playing taxi, and spending time with your kids, it can be hard to find part time jobs for moms that actually offer flexibility around a mom’s schedule.

But that doesn’t mean you should settle for flipping burgers on the night shift.

In this article, we’ll look at five of the best part time jobs for moms that will work around your schedule and actually pay you what you’re worth.

Start a Cleaning Service

Your kids give you more to clean than you would ever want. Why would you want to clean for anyone else?

Well, to get paid, for one.

All that practice cleaning your own house has probably turned you into a grade-A housekeeper. And that’s a skill that a lot of people will pay for.

And if you start your own cleaning service, you can set your own hours and set your own salary.


Not every job in the medical field is as time-consuming as being a full-time nurse.

There are a number of therapist positions that allow you to set your own appointments. From physical therapy to psychotherapy, there is a wide range of fields you can work in.

Most of these require some sort of formal education. Like that college degree you got before kids, maybe.

You could even take night classes to get your master’s degree or hypnotherapy certifications if your goals are more long-term.

Interior Designer

You have an eye for detail. You have an uncanny knack for choosing the exact right decor. Your house is the stuff of Pinterest boards.

Or at least it would be if your kids weren’t constantly knocking everything over.

Put those skills to use for someone who will actually appreciate it. Interior designers are in demand, and the market is expected to grow.


Waiting tables or has gotten a bad rap. It’s not glamorous, and dealing with rude customers is no one’s idea of a good time. “Drunk customers,” if you decide to bartend.

And true, waitresses and bartenders don’t boast a high hourly wage. But when you factor in tips, there’s the potential to make pretty good money.

Serving is one of the more flexible part time jobs for moms. You can find a job in a restaurant that lets you work while your kids are at school or sleeping. Whichever you prefer.

Go Freelance

When it comes to flexible hours and high earnings potential, nothing beats freelance work. All you need is a marketable skill and an ability to find clients.

No one sets your hours for you, and most freelance tasks allow you to work from anywhere. You can work right from your couch while your kids watch Moana for the 13,346,235th time.

Camping trip? Not a problem. Just go.

And because you’re selling a service that is in demand, you can charge a premium for your work.

What Are Your Favorite Part Time Jobs for Moms?

Everything pays, but not everything pays well.

What matters the most is finding something with flexible hours so you can still enjoy being a mom and spend time with your family.

Moms, is there a job we missed? How have you managed to balance motherhood and a paycheck?

Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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