The 5 Most Fabulous Beach Hideaways in the World

//The 5 Most Fabulous Beach Hideaways in the World
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We’ve all been there. You’ve poured yourself a beach Bloody Mary, cracked the spine of a guilty pleasure beach read, and reclined your chair all the way back into the sand.

Suddenly, a volleyball hits you in the head, spilling your drink onto the pages of your book.

So much for a vacation.

Overcrowded beaches have become a serious problem that’s hardly limited to North America alone.

These days, it can sometimes seem harder than ever to find beach hideaways that haven’t been overrun by screaming teenagers or just loud tourists that, for whatever reason, still think wearing a neon orange speedo is something the world wants to see.

In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the world’s best-kept secrets when it comes to beaches. Just be careful who you decide to share this information with!

1. Rosalie Bay Beach in Dominica

First up on our list of the world’s best beach hideaways?

The stunning — and ultra-remote — Rosalie Bay Beach, tucked away in the Caribbean.

Think almost unreal black sand beaches, volcanoes in the distance, and stunning waterfalls that pepper the Morne Trois Pitons, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Looking to have some natural healing on your vacation? You’ll love spending hours soaking in the geothermal baths while staring up at the countless flowers surrounding you.

The cottages dotting the beach have been built entirely by hand, meaning that you’ll experience a charming welcome from the locals and the owners of the world famous Rosalie Bay Resort.

Especially if you’re a fan of eco-tourism, you simply can’t afford to miss this once-in-a-lifetime beach experience.

2. La Digue in Seychelles

Looking for beach hideaways that are so secret, you’ll actually need to take a helicopter in order to get to them?

If so, then La Digue is the perfect beach for you.

Especially if you’re interested in taking hikes, riding boats, and exploring the lay of the land, you’ll love this remote destination. Locals suggest hiring a guide if you plan to hike, though — the trails are so winding and fascinating that it’s easy to get lost.

Want to try something a little different?

Why not opt for a bike tour, or even learn how to kayak in the stunning open waters. Or, you could book a private wildlife tour to see some of the majestic creatures that call this beach home for yourself.

Looking to add a little luxury to your La Digue vacation? There are plenty of nearby resorts that offer spa and wellness treatments, whirlpools, and beachside yoga sessions.

You’ll return home looking and feeling like a completely different person.

3. Manzanita, Oregon

If you already live in the United States, good news: you don’t always have to travel overseas to get access to some of the world’s best beach hideaways.

Especially if you have young children, you’ll fall in love with the tranquility and picaresque nature of Manzanita beach in Oregon. You’ll be able to collect sand dollars, go kite surfing, and even take those long walks through secluded beach trails.

It’s also a pet-friendly beach, so feel free to let Fido off the leash to roam around!

If you find yourself getting hungry after a long day of sand and sun, we suggest heading over to the nearby Cannon beach to connect with the locals and feast on some incredible seafood.

4. Zakynthos Beach in Greece

You know those pictures of beach hideaways that show gleaming white sand, unbelievably blue water, and only a handful of people (if that) around? What about giant rock formations dotted with bright green grass that you can dive off of?

That’s the magic of Zakynthos, hidden in the Ionian Islands.

Especially if you have a thirst for adventure, you’ll love being able to explore caves and go base jumping on this beautiful beach.

Want to have a little bit more of a relaxed vacation? Rent super sailing yachts to take in the local scenery, snack on the best in Greek cuisine, and of course, enjoy some of that world famous ouzo.

If you’re interested in studying up on your ancient history, then we strongly suggest you take a trip to the Byzantine museum, where you’ll see priceless works of art from thousands of years ago. If you’re the literary type, be sure to check out the Museum of D. Solomos and Eminent People of Zakynthos, which is the resting place of two Greek national poets.

5. Rocktail Bay in South Africa

The final entry on our list of the world’s best beach hideaways? Rocktail Bay, about 40 kilometers of sandy and sun located on the Kwazulu North Coast of South Africa.

Even though the beach is a World Heritage Site, it’s still one of the best-kept secrets on the planet. This protection means that you’ll be able to get a diving experience like no other, and that even the wildlife is far more protected than in other parts of the country.

So, if you’re looking to have an up-close-and-personal experience with South Africa’s wildlife, then this is the beach for you. Expect to see whales, dolphins, and the beloved Loggerhead turtles that will come to lay their eggs on the beach.

We strongly suggest taking a safari to make sure you see as much wildlife — including rare birds — as is possible.

Interested in sampling the cuisine of the local clans that live on the island? You’ll love eating underneath the giant beach trees, in front of a crackling fire.

Ready to Book a Stay at One of These Beach Hideaways?

Thanks to this post, you now have five options for beach hideaways that will actually allow you to relax, unwind, and get to know authentic local flavors.

What else do you need to plan the perfect vacation? And where should you go after your dream beach vacation?

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