5 Essential Women’s Self-Defense Tips to Follow for Safety

//5 Essential Women’s Self-Defense Tips to Follow for Safety
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Despite a world that is growing safer, crime rates are still relatively high. According to research, a violent crime occurs every 22 seconds. The majority of crimes involve people who already know each other, but there’s also the chance of random crime. 

While you don’t need to live in fear, being prepared can help you stay calm and safe in the face of an emergency. Understanding some helpful women’s self-defense tips can keep you safe anywhere. Read on!

1. Listen to Your Instincts

No matter where you are, always listen to your instincts. If you’re traveling and heading somewhere that doesn’t feel right, listen to your gut.

Listening to your instincts is especially helpful when dealing with people. If you’re meeting with someone new and aren’t sure about how you feel, take extra precautions before you meet. Furthermore, never go somewhere with someone alone if you don’t feel good about it.

2. Keep Your Distance

If you encounter someone that seems dangerous, try to maintain as much of a distance as possible. If you’re walking alone, cross the street or take a different route.

Unfortunately, minding your business sometimes isn’t enough. You may need to actively avoid certain situations to maintain your safety.

If someone dangerous is approaching you, consider running away, or evading the situation. Fight or flight is a very real-time decision on how you should respond, and it depends on the situation and environment.

3. Protect Yourself, Not Your Property

Learn to eliminate all attachment to your personal belongings if you’re facing an emergency or dangerous situation. Nearly everything you have with you can be replaced, including your phone, money, and personal identification.

Your life and safety are much more valuable than your belongings. If someone is attempting to rob you, try to maintain your distance while tossing your belongings toward him or her. Most robbers will accept the belongings and run rather than trying to harass you further.

4. Invest in Women’s Self-Defense Products

If you’re in a dangerous situation where you can’t get away or maintain your distance, you may need to stand your ground and protect yourself. Having a weapon is the best way to do so.

Consider investing in something discreet, like women’s self-defense jewelry. It isn’t practical to carry something like a knife or gun with you everywhere you go, but having discreet protection can help you when you need it the most.

Manufacturers are very savvy at developing discreet self-defense products. You can purchase a knife for women’s self-defense that disguises itself as a comb, or a hidden lipstick stun gun that has these benefits.

5. Take a Women’s Self-Defense Class

It’s also important to practice self-defense without weapons since there’s no guarantee you’ll have them with you when you’re in need.

Consider taking a women’s self-defense class. Many classes are designed to help you get out of specific situations. Regardless of your fitness level or strength, there are many moves you can learn to disarm someone or get out of a compromising situation.

Remember to Use These Women’s Self-Defense Tips

Once you have a self-defense plan, remember to practice it often. Learn how to use your weapons and self-defense moves in the most efficient way possible. You never know how you’ll act in the face of an emergency, but these women’s self-defense tips can keep you protected.

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