5 Creative Ideas for Front Door Decor

//5 Creative Ideas for Front Door Decor
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Whether you’re decorating to liven up your front door or prepping your home to sell it, curb appeal matters. It’s the first thing friends and potential homebuyers see.

Dazzle them with the good looks your front door can provide. It’ll evoke feelings of comfort in your guests and let them know that the inside is just as chic as the outside.

You can decide to leave your front door undecorated but what’s the fun in that? Front door decor isn’t expensive or time-consuming to create.

It’s a great way to add some pizzazz outdoors. Excited to find out ways to easily decorate your front door?

Let’s get into it!

Incorporate Flowers

Nothing brightens up an entryway like flowers do. They’re vibrant and add life to your front door.

If you don’t want to take care of live flowers or plants, opt for fake ones. There are plenty of faux options out there that’ll mimic the real thing.

Silk flowers resemble the life-like features of real flowers where they aren’t so stiff. Plus, they’re good all year round! They won’t freeze in cold temperatures and can last for years.

You can easily find them at local craft stores. If not, a simple Google search will work.

Pair them with a little galvanized bucket for a rustic feel. Then, hang from a hook with a ribbon of burlap for contrast.

It’s simple but makes an impact. Adding flowers is probably the easiest thing to achieve for your front door decor. They’re inexpensive and make any space beautiful.

Add Garland

Garland isn’t for your dining room table anymore. It’s made its way to the big leagues by proving it can be placed just about anywhere.

Premade garlands come in a variety of plants, flowers, and materials. You can pick ones that are covered in flowers, berries, even little pumpkins.

Or, if you’re feeling extra crafty and creative, make your own! Mesh garland makes it easy to do so.

All you would need, in addition to the mesh garland, is whichever decorating material you choose, wire and wire cutters. Then, attach the material to the mesh using wire. Pretty easy, right?

It takes no time at all if you decide to make it yourself. That way, you can add your own touch or make it to where it matches the rest of your house.

If DIY projects aren’t your thing, premade garlands work just as well. Ones made with plants are great for all seasons or buy ones that match with the current season.

The possibilities are virtually endless. Once you’ve chosen your favorite, tack it up along the outside of your door for a welcoming feel.

Terracotta Plants as Front Door Decor

Often overlooked, terracotta planters can add a lot of style to your front door decor. But the key is to rethink the way we use them.

You can still plant flowers and herbs inside of them but instead of placing them on the ground, have them sit on a rustic bench or a tabletop.

When you let them be the star of the show, they lend themselves to be quite the eye-catcher. Neighbors will appreciate your ingenuity of a simple, everyday item.

Or, if you can’t place them anywhere other than the ground, stack them inside one another. This’ll take a few different sizes but it can be achievable.

Start with the biggest one you have then stack the smallest one and so on until each one is nestled inside one another. To add flowers, plant them like you normally would except they’ll grow out along the side of the nestled planters.

Terracotta planters are inexpensive so they make front door decor easy. If you aren’t a fan of the color, treat them as a blank canvas instead.

Terracotta is effortlessly paintable so you can make them any color you wish. For added spunk, paint them with a chalkboard paint to write messages welcoming your visitors.

Add a Customized Mat

Nothing welcomes your unexpected visitors more than a floor mat. They come in a multitude of colors and patterns so finding your perfect one isn’t a problem.

Floor mats have come a long way. No longer are they used to just clean dirty shoes and muddy paws.

They’re now used to make a statement. That can be anything from a warm and courteous welcome message to now your favorite sports logo.

Companies like Eagle Mat & Floor Products specialize in custom floor mats. Whether you’re looking for something simple or more complex, they can make it to match your needs.

This opens the door to endless possibilities. And who says you can’t have more than one?

Alternating your floor mats to match the season in terms of weather or sports is a great idea. Nothing shows team spirit like a mat with their logo.

Or, if you have a business of your own, you can showcase that as well. If your home is used as your business, customers will know they’re at the right place when they see your logo.

Umbrella Planter Wreath

Wreaths are so last year. They’re predictable and don’t express much creativity.

Add a bit of whimsy by using an umbrella! Use the hook of one to attach it to a decorative hook on the door. Then, wrap a piece of contrasting ribbon around the center of the umbrella. Insert either fresh or fake flowers to the opening of the umbrella.

This front door decor is customizable so you can use any umbrella you want. You can choose any color, pattern or texture. The more unique it is, the better!

And the best part? It’s virtually weatherproof! Rain, snow, sleet or shine, the umbrella will hold up to drastic temperatures.

Don’t be surprised with how many compliments this decor will be getting. It’s different and unlike any wreath your visitors have seen before.

Wrapping Up

Who knew decorating your front door could be this easy and stylish? Now you can say goodbye to boring wreaths and lackluster decor.

For more chic decoration ideas, check out our most recent blog posts. And, if you liked this post, feel free to share it!

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