5 Creative Best Friend Gifts

//5 Creative Best Friend Gifts
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Best friends — the family members you get to pick for yourself.

Whether you’ve known them since childhood or they helped you survive your first real job, your best friend has seen you through thick and thin. All because they love you as much as you love them.

When was the last time you told your best friend how much you appreciate having them in your life?

Here are five incredible best friend gifts perfect for showing your partner in crime how much you love them.

1. Travel Mug

Whether your bestie is a tea lover or a coffee fanatic, they’re sure to get a lot of use out of a travel mug.

Apart from being a practical gift, travel mugs present the opportunity to add a lot of personalization to a small but meaningful gesture.

You could customize a mug to include your friend’s name, favorite colors, or favorite picture. Or, you could find a pre-designed mug that captures your best friend’s unique personality.

As a bonus, you might also consider adding a pack of their favorite tea or coffee so they can enjoy their new mug right away.

2. Customized Candle

Who said there could be such a thing as having too many scented candles?

Thanks to online shopping, finding a candle your friend will enjoy is pretty easy. You can get your friend a scented candle that smells like anything from their hometown to their favorite book.

There are even a few companies out there that allow you to create a unique scent. So, you can make your best friend their very own candle that smells like all their favorite things.

The right smell has the power to turn your day around. So, why not give your friend something that could boost their mood as much as they boost yours.

3. Map Coasters

Even if there are miles and miles between you, no distance could ever stop your best friend from being one of the most important people in your life.

Map coasters can let you close a little bit of that distance by bringing together all the significant places in your relationship.

The city you met in, where you went on vacation together, where you live now, where they live, any and all places can be represented.

The next time you get together you can reminisce about each location while putting those coasters to good use.

4. Personalized Journal

Whether your friend is an artist, a writer, or an avid bullet journaler, they’ll be sure to appreciate a personalized journal.

It’s easy to find a journal that captures your friend’s style and interests online. But once you find one, you may want to add a few extra personal touches before giving it to your bestie.

Adding a few favorite photos, inside jokes, and other little messages throughout the journal will take this gift to the next level. This will also remind your friend how much you care about them as they fill it up.

5. Comfy Throw Blanket

As much as you’d like to always be there for your friend, sometimes it’s impossible.

When you can’t be there to give your best friend a hug after a rough day, they can snuggle up with this present as they vent to you over the phone.

For optimal results include a few emergency cookie tins of your best friend’s favorite treats for those particularly bad days.

Perfect Best Friend Gifts

You don’t have to wait for a birthday or holiday to give your dearest friend a token of your affection. After all, there’s no time like the present.

With one of these creative best friend gifts, your bestie is sure to feel the love.

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