5 Activities for Your Next Girl’s Night Out

//5 Activities for Your Next Girl’s Night Out
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Is it your turn to plan girl’s night out? Tired of the same old, same old?

You don’t have to do anything crazy to create a night everyone will remember — for all the right reasons! You only need friendship, a desire for fun, and a destination.

Whether it will be just you and your best friend or a larger circle of friends, here are five ideas to give you a jump start on planning a great, hard-earned night out.

Escape Room

In cities across the country, escape rooms are a popular way to spend time with friends. These physical adventure games set in themed rooms require you and your friends to solve puzzles and decipher clues. The goal: get out of the locked room.

If you like indulging in fantasy and collaboration, escape rooms are a great girl’s night out activity. You’ll probably laugh, get to know each other better, and have lots to talk about over post-adventure drinks. Some people also like the sense of accomplishment that comes with escaping the room.


There is nothing like live music to lift spirits and reduce stress. If you and your friends like seeing musicians on their way to the top, check out concerts at smaller venues. This can also be a good option for last minute girl’s night out planning.

If seeing one of today’s biggest music stars at an arena or stadium is more your thing, get your concert tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. And if your favorite singer isn’t going to be in your town, consider turning girl’s night out into a road trip!


This classic night out activity is perfect if you and your friends have stressful jobs or don’t get much time for yourselves. You get pampered while nurturing those healthy bonds of friendship. Win-win!

Some spas include a light dinner in evening packages. Or, you can stroll together to a nearby restaurant afterward to cap off the night with snacks and great conversation.

Spa time can also be part of girl’s weekend getaways!

Dance Club

If you’re looking for the opposite of serenity, you and your girls could hit a dance club. Shaking off the week’s stresses to the rhythm of your favorite tracks never goes out of style.

Find a club that plays the kind of music you all enjoy and has a vibe that makes you comfortable. Agree ahead of time if it’s a girls-only excursion or if searching for a romantic connection is part of the adventure.

Board Game Cafe

Playing board games at cafes dedicated to the activity is a growing trend in many cities and towns. But don’t think it’s all Monopoly and Clue. A true board game cafe has hundreds of new and classic games for you to try.

Staff can help you find a game everyone in your group will enjoy. They’ll even explain the rules!

Coffee, soft drinks, and snacks are standard. But more spots are starting to offer light meals, wine, and beer.

Most places have a relaxed yet energized vibe. Laughter, chatter and the occasional taunts of friendly competition fill the air. That’s what happens when friends share in the experience of playing games that aren’t on a screen.

Your Next Girl’s Night Out Activity

The best part about going out with the girls is often how it can help you change your mindset. It almost doesn’t matter what you do — as long as you’re doing it with friends.

Don’t overthink your next night out. The best shared memories often come after you take a chance and try something different.

What will you and your girls do on your next night out together? Let us know in the comments box below!

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