46 Best Nail Polish Colors For Spring/Summer

//46 Best Nail Polish Colors For Spring/Summer

Spring is one of my favourite seasons. I like to see the nature reviving, trees and flowers blooming, the sun shinning. Even the people are happier when the spring is here, they smile more often and engage in a lot of great things. Also, the clothes are more beautiful and colorful in spring.

I love the colors that this season brings and I`m glad that now I can transpose them all on my nails.
This spring you can play with the colors, you can make your manicure with whatever shade you want because New York Fashion Week allowed us to wear any kind of nail shade: from neon to dark, from nude to nail effects. I am truly excited because I like to experiment, to try all sorts of shades. But enough talking, let’s see what are the 46 best nail polish colors for this spring/summer season.

#1: NUDE

Classy and elegant, nude is a very popular shade of nail polish. One of my favorites, and at New York Fashion Week spring / summer 2014 we were able to see it at DSquared2 and Michael Kors.


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Black is a classic color, always in fashion. At New York Fashion Week was present at Georgio Armani.

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#3: MINT

Warm and cold, the color of freshness, mint is yet another popular color this season and I’m very happy because I love it.

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A very good choice for the spring/summer season, cobalt blue is vibrant and brings a lot of energy to your manicure. Try different nail shapes and make it your own signature look.

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A color that represents warmth and energy, yellow is a great shade for the warm days to come and therefore making this trend unmissable this year.

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#6: GREY

Although it is not a light color, the nail varnish is a beautiful shade. It is not necessarily a classic, but it brings a note of intrigue like no other nail polish.

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#7: PINK

Pink is a shade that will always remain en vogue and this season you can wear it with everything you want as designers show us numerous ways to wear every possible color combination.

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Another popular color this season is melon. It doesn`t matter if it’s a pale shade or darker, if it`s melon, it’s trendy. Besides, the fruity shades are always winners in the heated months that are coming.

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Pantone has designated this color to be the color of the year, so what better way to stay in trend that wearing it on your nails? Go radiant orchid and you will not miss the trends!

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Shimmer has always been a trend, so we cannot miss it and pairing it up with such a classic and elegant color as nude is, just gives it an extra pinch of beauty.

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#11: GOLD

Shades of gold you can pull out of the dilemma when it comes to elegance. Go for it and you will have absolutely nothing to lose, it cane definitely pull a normal outfit out of anonymity.

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Metallic shades are extremely interesting and rather unusual this season, they catch the light, but also catch everyone’s sight. Do not be afraid to try them!

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Red will always be a classic color, no matter how light or dark it is. Try it in different combinations or nail shapes and lengths and it will never fail you.

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#14: WHITE

White is a very interesting choice for your nails. It is light, the color of perfection and a very angelic shade to add to your color portfolio.

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It is a eccentric colour from Rimmel London and I sooo love it. It comes in 4 different shades and it catches the light in a way only a “metal” could. If you like shimmery and interesting nail varnishes, this might be your best choice.

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We have already had mint as a color, but we suggest a greener mint, going towards the mojito green colors, that represent spring/summer so well. Have a nail mojito with us!

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Fuchsia, classy and bold at the same time, it is a nice color that represents spring at its best.

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Dark green, the color of the grass as it has been cut, it already makes you smell the resurrection of the whole nature. This shade was present at the Burberry fashion show spring/summer 2014.

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Glitter, glitter everywhere! Do not be afraid to sparkle this season, as this glitter trend on the nails will surely catch up!

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You can have all the dust of the stars on your nails with the cosmic nail design. Let this season bring you all the galaxies on your nails.

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There is not spring without pastels here and there, if not completely everywhere. Bring out your brand new bronze with these light shades.

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Bold and bright, purple simply makes us smile. Here is yet another perfect shade for spring/summer.

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Light blue, baby blue, all these shades of pale blue have to make themselves a place in your nail polish cabinet as they are not only trendy, but absolutely beautiful.

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As each spring/summer season has to have its navy inspiration, take navy blue and go sail your season’s super trendy color!

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Which one of you girls has ever dreamt of owning something from Tiffany& Co.? Don’t tell me you didn’t, because we sure did, but this season brings us a more affordable version of the perfectly blue packaging, a nail color in Tiffany Blue. What do you think?

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Lilac is a great color for this spring as, besides the fact that the flowers smell more than amazing, it is light and easy to wear with anything!

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A true light and bright color at the same time, apricot brings the best out of your beautiful nails.

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One of my favorite colors, velvet rose is perfect for the exuberance of this season.

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Be bold this spring and combine your colors so that you grab people’s attention. Do not be afraid to combine the apparent opposites, just be bold with your manicure, color block your way to people’s attention!

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We have already talked about pastels, but light pink deserves a space of its own, as it is the most famous of all the pastel colors. Close to nude, but having this pinky shade added to it, this color is simply beautiful.

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Tiffany Blue and turquoise are very similar, as the Tiffany Blue is a pantone derivate of this color, but how can you not simply love it? Very trendy and bold, choose turquoise to make a statement!

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For this one, we did not think in terms of shades, but in terms of prints as they are great attention grabbers, but they also provide mystery and add a pinch on interest to your beautiful manicure.

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It is a beautiful, expressive tone, the perfect choice for a darker shade on your nails. What do you think about it?

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#34: MAUVE

We have a thing for the shades of nude in this article, but this mauve is simply breathtaking. Being one of Stella McCartney go-to colors, we have to include it in our list.

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#35: LEMON

We have already had bright yellow, as bright as it could be, but we thought about toning it down with this pastel shade of it, the lemon. Do you like it?

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Spring/Summer is not only about bright, light and bold colors, it also enlarges the color spectrum to darker shades, like this dark cherry one. This is not only interesting but a total attention grabber.

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#37: OMBRE 

Ombre does not exist only for your hair, it is also a beautiful and extremely attractive way to paint your nails. Pinterest gives us a million ways to do it in their Nail DIY section.

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Yet another shade of nude, a peachy one, that works perfectly with marble like skin, but also with a darker skin as it makes the color pop out.

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Be bright, be bold, go red! It is a great shade for a hot summer morning, both for your manicure and your pedicure!

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Yet another darker color, this burgundy shade is a sexy and interesting choice for your nails.

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A very interesting nail concept, camouflage reminds us of Christopher Raeburn’s inspiration in the army materials and into his eco-friendly reticulation of these fabrics.

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It may sound strange, the no shades subtitle in an article about nail polish colors, but actually, it is French Manicure, which does not have a shade limitation. You can have it in any possible color you could ever think of.

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It is almost summer and all flowers are in bloom, so why shouldn’t your nails bloom as well? Go for a flower-power print and bring the spring/summer in your manicure.

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#44: NEONS

There is nothing that screams bold more that neons. These shades are perfect for your tanned skin to shine.

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Having talked about the lighter shades of this color, apricot, and peach, here is the good old bright orange that cannot miss from your spring/summer manicure makeover.

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A light and easy shiny color, sugarplum is perfect to end our countdown of nail polish trends. Go for it for a shimmery, light coloured manicure and you will be very trendy.

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This is all you need to know about the nail polish colors for this spring/summer season. I love them all and also I can`t wait to try them all. I`m happy that spring is here, summer is around the corner and I can play with the shades of nail polish.

If I were to choose between those shades, I couldn`t do it because all of them are wonderful, full of life. I tend to choose the nail polish in accordance to my mood, I don`t now why. Sometimes I love to have my nails done in pastel shades while other times I love to have them in darker shades.. that`s why I can`t say that I have a special shade that I like it. I just love them all! And the whole Estilo team loves these shades too!

Which is your favorite shade?

PS: Don`t forget to be fab!!!

Feature photo: picjumbo.com

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