4 Hot and Unique Gifts for Him That You’ll Both Love!

//4 Hot and Unique Gifts for Him That You’ll Both Love!
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Is your special man’s birthday coming up? Maybe a holiday like Christmas or your anniversary? Sometimes deciding what to buy can be very stressful.

If you are having trouble shopping for your boyfriend, husband, or fling of the week, consider products that will spice up your life.

Unsure where to start finding some unique gifts for him? Read below for four great options that will bring excitement to both of you!

Lingerie isn’t Just for Girls

When people think of lingerie or bedroom clothes, most only think about female options. But don’t limit yourself! Many quality options exist for men now.

If you are looking to buy your man some fun and playful underwear, consider checking out Modus Vivendi. You will find modern options with Greek inspirations.

Other underwear options include those with coy sayings such as “Nice Package.” Get creative, get fun. Underwear is a modestly priced way to bring some spice into your life.

Bring Out Your Colored Pencils

It surprised many, but the adult coloring book trend is not going away. People love these for a variety of reasons including stress relief and relaxation.

While coloring can be calming, did you know there are now adult coloring books with mature themes? While variety exists, many focus on exploring sexuality and gender. Some have playful images that you get to bring to life with color!

This would be an excellent gift option. The two of you could pick a few pages to color over a glass of wine for a date night.

Technology has Many Options for Unique Gifts for Him

There are enough long distance relationships, that a recent push has been to find ways for these couples to connect in a truly intimate way.

There are products on the market now that allow one or two (male and female) adult toys to be controlled via an app on your phone. This will help you and your man feel connected where ever you are.

This means the adult toy has many ways it can be used. This would be one option for him that would also greatly benefit you too. These gifts would be excellent options for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Can’t Choose? Try a Subscription Box

If you find yourself attracted to many of the options, don’t fret. There are boxes on the market available for one-time purchase or subscription style.

If you choose the subscription style, this means you could be getting a delivery up to four times a year. Your man will never stop thanking you.

These boxes can include many great products such as massage oils and aphrodisiac edible products like candy. Some boxes include adult toys and sexy notes to read to one another.

Final Notes

Ultimately you know your man best. You will know the best option for a special gift Did we miss some other great options of unique gifts for him? Have something you swear by? Let us know in the comments!

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