13 Funny Onesies That Every Baby Doesn’t Know They Need

//13 Funny Onesies That Every Baby Doesn’t Know They Need
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Did you know that worldwide, there is an average of 250 babies born every minute? That equals more than 130 million new babes each year! That’s why the world’s population is currently at its highest ever: over 7.5 billion.

Are you an expecting parent? Or do you already have a little one in your life? If so, this one’s for you!

Being a parent is a wonderful treat. And until they’re old enough to dress themselvesyou’re in charge of their wardrobe.

So why not make it hilariously adorable?

There are almost as many funny baby onesies as there are babies (okay, maybe not). Next time you’re dressing your little one, skip the boring blue and plain pink. Instead, opt for something that’ll bring the giggles.

Added bonus: your kid gets to see a bunch of smiling faces. Positivity abounds! Now let’s get to laughing.

1. Did Anyone Check That Baby’s ID?

You’ve heard of babies getting milk drunk, rolling their eyes back in bliss after that final sip. That’s why we love this onesie:

I drink until I pass out

You won’t be seeing any fancy rompers here. Nope, just some throw up dribble and a sleepy baby.

2. When the Sex Is Ambiguous

Let’s admit it. When a baby is young, sometimes it’s hard to tell whether it’s a boy or a girl. Especially when you throw some ambivalent color on them, like yellow or green.

You see people desperately searching for blue or pink so they can identify the sex and say “What a cute boy/girl (s)he is!”

Skip the awkwardness and throw your daughter in this onesie: Not a Boy. Problem solved!

3. What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas?

This is true for the most part. Of course, there are the photos, the stories, the — oh, yeah — baby that came 9 months after that Vegas trip.

For those who took their vacation a little too far, you can put this onesie on your kid: I’m what happened in Vegas. Consider yourself a cautionary tale for everyone who sees it.

4. Making a Political Statement 

Breastfeeding has clear benefits, and convenience is only one of many reasons to do it. But still, many women face discrimination for doing so in public. But why?

If this angers you (it should!), consider making a statement with your baby’s outfit:

If you can eat in public, so can I

We get the logic!

5. Spend a Lot, Save a Little

Babies cost a lot of money. But they also save you a little bit on your tax return. This tax season, try this onesie:

Daddy’s little tax deduction 

We guarantee that every parent will be able to relate with you!

6. Put down the Phone, Mom!

We’ve all been guilty of it: checking our phones when we should be paying attention. In fact, American adults spend an average of 11 hours per day interacting with media! That’s why we love this onesie:

Get off your “Instatwitface” and play with me!

We think that everyone should be wearing this onesie, not only babies! Don’t let the world pass you by while you’re staring at your phone. Your baby just took their first steps and you missed it!

7. Little Matchmaker 

Your baby’s too young to choose their career path. But you can get them started as a matchmaker today. Slide your baby into this one:

My aunt is single
Ask my parents for details

Before you know it, you’ll be fielding off questions about your sister!

8. What a G!

Speaking of careers, we’ve got another one for ya. Instead of becoming a rapper, how ’bout this: Gangsta napper. We hear it’s an easier biz to break into.

Babies sleep a lot. To be specific, newborns should sleep about 14 to 17 hours per day. This is the perfect naptime onesie!

9. Time to Get up

Speaking of sleep. . . Mom doesn’t tend to get much.

This is for all those mornings when you could’ve used those extra couple hours of sleep. Here’s for the moments when baby doubles as Mommy’s alarm clock. This onesie is appropriate 24/7 — ask any sleep-deprived mother!

10. Made in China?

It’s not uncommon to pick up an item, look at the bottom, and see a bar code with the words “Made in China.” We’re used to that by now. Where was your baby made?

That’s why we love this hilarious Made in Vagina onesie (with accompanying barcode)! Scan away!

11. A Not-So-Subtle Math Problem

1 + 1 = 3. That’s the math problem that got you and your spouse with a baby! And now your baby is doing math:

There’s a number twosie in my onesie

Who’s turn is it to change the diaper?

12. Dad Used to Be Irresistible

Remember when Mommy used to find Daddy irresistible? Don’t forget those precious moments from the past. Instead, have your baby don this hilarious onesie:

I’m proof that Mommy can’t resist drummers

You could customize this onesie to your life. I’m proof that mommy can’t resist artists, or I’m proof that mommy can’t resist lawyers. Basically, I’m proof that Mommy can’t resist [insert Dad’s career or hobby here].

13. Serving Time

And last but not least — how about a little jail humor?

I just spent 9 months on the inside.
My parents are now serving life!

Nothing quite like this onesie to change a Hug Life to a Thug Life.

Funny Baby Onesies: Keeps Them Cozy, Keeps You Laughing

Are you done LOLing yet?

Fashion doesn’t always have to be so serious. Next time you’re dressing your baby, have a little fun with it. 

Can you imagine your baby in one of these funny baby onesies? We can, too. That’s why we compiled a list of shopping tips to keep you (and your bank) happy.

Here are the best places to buy cute kids’ clothes for cheap!

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