12 Outdoor Winter Fun Activities for the Whole Family

//12 Outdoor Winter Fun Activities for the Whole Family
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In the middle of winter, it’s difficult to get the family outside. It’s cold and there aren’t as many outdoor sports to keep everyone active. But there’s still plenty of winter fun to be had.

Some winter activities depend on where you live. Some activities require a lot of snow. But there are still other things to do without the snow.

While you’re having fun outdoors in the cold, you can also ensure that the family is eating healthy. The better you eat in the winter, the more fun you’ll have in the snow.

If you’re looking for ideas to stay active in the winter, check out these 12 winter activities for the whole family.

1. Build Snow Forts

Winter fun with young kids usually means forts and a snowball fight! What do you do with those piles of snow after you’ve finished shoveling the driveway? You can build with them!

The easiest thing to do is build a couple of forts and have a snowball fight. It’s fun and exciting, and the forts can be reused until the snow melts.

2. Go Skiing or Snowboarding

One of the first activities everyone thinks of for the winter is skiing. If you live near the mountains, you can head for the ski resorts for a day or weekend.

If you’re looking for gear before you hit the slopes, check here for more info.

3. Sled Rides

Sled rides are fun when you have hills nearby. Parents can pull smaller children around or let older ones ride on their own.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can create a sled course using snowbanks.

4. Make Snow Art

This is a fun activity for everyone with a creative streak. Snow sculpting can be fun and creative at any age.

Even if you’re not a great sculptor, you can still make something fun. A simple snowman can be just enough to get you going in the snow.

If you want some additional fun inspiration, you could try to copy some of the snowman scenes from the comic strip, Calvin & Hobbes.

5. Go Ice Skating

There’s no better time to teach your kids to ice skate than winter. Instead of paying to use the ice rink, you can go out on the local pond if it has frozen over.

Ice skating is great exercise and requires balance. And when you teach a family member to skate, you put in a little extra effort to make the activity fun.

6. Play Broom Ball

This is an activity played on some college campuses at the ice rink, but it can also be a replacement for pond hockey. You don’t even need ice skates to play this sport.

Pick up a broom for each player and find a large ball to use. Other than that, you can play the same way you would hockey but without the skates.

Some people enjoy broom ball to ice hockey because it doesn’t require as much skill to play.

7. Snowshoe Hiking

Hiking in the snow can be difficult. If there isn’t much snow in your area, you can still go hiking in the winter. Otherwise, you’ll need snowshoes. Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before as snowshoeing is easy to learn.

This is a great activity for your family to enjoy nature. It can take you out into the woods where you might encounter some winter wildlife.

8. Cross-Country Skiing

For those who don’t live near any mountains or ski areas, you can try cross-country skiing instead. The movement involved requires a lot more energy than downhill skiing, which makes it great winter exercise.

9. Mini Golf in the Snow

Everyone loves miniature golf. Why not make it a winter sport?

If you already have the putters and balls at home, you can create your own miniature golf course in your yard. The preparation will take some time and expend energy before you start the game. And if it stays cold enough, you can keep the golf course for a while.

Just pack the snow down on the course so you have a smooth surface for the ball to travel on. Then dig out a few holes and create some obstacles.

10. Build Igloos

If snowball fights aren’t your thing, then there’s no need to build a fort. Instead, you can hollow out those mounds of snow and build an igloo and tunnels.

An igloo is a great space for kids to enjoy time outdoors in winter. It gives them a room to play in that they can customize.

It’s also warmer than the outside temperature, so they can stay outside longer.

11. Winter Biking

Most people wouldn’t even think about biking in the winter. But it can be a great activity as long as the weather is right.

Biking at any time of year is a healthy activity, but in winter it can keep you and your family active. It’s still a great way to get around town when you don’t want to drive.

Just be careful to avoid icy patches on the road and make sure you have good tread on your tires. Check out our winter biking guide to make sure you stay safe on the road.

12. Have a Winter Cookout

Some people enjoy camping in the winter, but not everyone can handle the cold. An alternative to staying overnight in the freezing temperatures is to have a cookout.

An outdoor fire is great to gather around and keep warm in the winter. You can even use a fire pit in your backyard if you don’t want to the trouble of building an open fire.

The advantage to having an open fire in the winter is that the snow is nearby to help extinguish the fire when you’re done. Be sure to keep it safe during your winter fun and cover the fire entirely when you’re ready to head home.

Get Out for Some Winter Fun!

Now that you have some ideas to enjoy the winter outdoors, it’s time to get out there and have some fun with the whole family.

You can find some style tips here to keep you warm while having your winter fun.

And don’t forget to have the hot cocoa ready for when you get home out of the cold.

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