11 Wedding Planning Tips Every Soon-To-Be Bride Should Know

//11 Wedding Planning Tips Every Soon-To-Be Bride Should Know
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Have you been in a state of absolute euphoria since the man of your dreams proposed? Pretty soon it’ll be time to buckle down and start planning your wedding!

Although you’re looking forward to your big day, it’s no easy process getting there. Wedding planning can be confusing, overwhelming, and just plain stressful at times.

Luckily, there are some wedding planning tips that can help. Keep reading to discover our top 11 tips to help you plan the perfect wedding.

1. Create a Checklist

It’s the small details that can really make your wedding come together. Of course, you’ll have to remember to actually plan them and ensure they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Your wedding planning checklist will be your new best friend. There are plenty of checklists available online that will outline what has to be done each month. You can then write in the special details of your wedding that you have to remember to do.

2. Pick a Theme

Before you start picking bridesmaid dresses and flowers, you’ll need to decide on a theme. This can be as simple as a color palette, or more specific, like winter wonderland, vintage, or spring garden.

Once you pick your theme, base every other decision around that. Ask yourself if that floral arrangement or those chair covers will fit into your chosen color palette and theme. This way, you’ll create a cohesive wedding, and you can focus your efforts only on options that will go with your theme instead of considering every floral option the florist has to offer.

3. Make a Wedding Binder

You’ll likely come across pictures online and in magazines that really catch your eye. Make sure you save these pictures and put them in a wedding binder to better help you plan your wedding.

Put your wedding checklist in the front, then create separate sections for things like venue, flowers, centerpieces, and catering.

Start out by filling these sections with inspiration. Once you’ve made your decision, you can remove the inspiration photos and replace them with a picture of your final decision along with the vendor’s contact information, a copy of the contract, and any special notes you made.

4. Prioritize

Sticking to a wedding budget can be hard. You’re bound to hit a snag at some point where you incurred an unexpected cost or fell in love with something that was out of the budget.

To help ensure you don’t go break your overall budget, prioritize every aspect of your wedding. Know what’s most important to you and where you can cut costs if needed. This will help give you the perfect wedding without going overboard on price.

5. Know When to DIY

Gong DIY is a great way to save money and add a personal touch to your wedding. However, you shouldn’t try to DIY everything.

Things that are simple and can be done in advance, like favors and place cards, are great to DIY. However, anything that has to be done close to the wedding, like creating floral arrangements, should be left to the pros.

6. Shop Around

It can be hard to find time to meet with vendors when you have a hectic life. However, you want to choose the best vendors you can afford to ensure the night goes well. The last thing you want is a DJ playing songs nobody wants to dance to or a florist who created your centerpieces with wilting flowers.

Meet with several vendors and look at online reviews before making your final decision. Of course, this also goes for the venue. This post by Cold Creek Farm can help you pick the best venue for your wedding.

7. Ask for Advice

Do you have friends, family members, or coworkers that just got married? Don’t be afraid to ask them for advice, whether it’s how they stayed organized or what vendors they went with.

8. Ask about Extras Before Signing a Contract

Do you want an extra long cocktail hour? Or maybe you want the band to learn a special song for your wedding.

Make sure you ask for these things before you sign a contract. Vendors will be more likely to work with you to ensure they get the job. If you wait until after you’ve hired them, they’ll be more likely to charge for these extras.

9. Plan to Accommodate for Weather

No matter what season you plan to get married in, Mother Nature can always throw you a curveball. You’ll want to make sure your guests are comfortable, particularly if you’re having an outdoor wedding.

Outdoor summer receptions should have plenty of quiet fans to keep the area cool without making it impossible to hear the person next to you. You should also consider opting for a netted tent to keep the bugs away. If you’re having a winter wedding, make sure your venue isn’t drafty and ask about temperature control before signing that contract.

Of course, any outdoor wedding should have a backup in case of bad weather. Knowing that the venue also has a beautiful indoor area that you can use will be important.

10. Keep a Vendor Contact Sheet

So, the big day is finally here! You and your girls got your hair and makeup done and arrived at the ceremony venue just to find that your photographer is late!

Keeping an emergency contact sheet with your vendors’ contact numbers is the best way to avoid any day-of problems. This way, you won’t have to worry about running back home to find your wedding binder or scrolling through your email looking for one particular number.

11. Don’t Forget to Enjoy

It’s no secret that wedding planning is stressful at times. But you’ll want to enjoy every aspect of your wedding, from dress shopping and makeup trials to the actual wedding itself.

Learn some destressing techniques and employ them throughout the planning process so you don’t allow stress to build up. On the day-of, trust that everything is going to look great and just focus on getting married to the love of your life.

The Best Wedding Planning Tips

Planning the perfect wedding is no easy task.

However, these wedding planning tips can help things go a little smoother. From creating a checklist and wedding binder to knowing when to DIY, there are plenty of ways you can stay organized and minimize stress during the planning process.

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