10 Unique Gifts to Say I Love You to Your Lady

//10 Unique Gifts to Say I Love You to Your Lady
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Choosing the right gifts to say I love you is hard.

Do you think a useful gift is a good gift?


Ask anyone who found cookware or a vacuum under the Christmas tree. Sure, the gift is useful but instead of saying “I Love You” it tells the recipient to cook and clean.

Another common mistake is to buy clothing or shoes for a wife or girlfriend. Too often the clothes don’t fit, or they don’t match the person’s style. Shoes are risky unless your girl tells you exactly which pair to buy.

A recent survey reported that 42% of women returned Christmas gifts they received from their husbands.

Why? Because they were the wrong gifts, that’s why!

If you want to win at gift giving try the following unique gifts to say I love you to someone special.

1. Custom Love is Art Kit

This one-of-a-kind gift lets you and your partner create a painting, ahem, with your lovemaking. Pour paint onto the canvas and your passion does the artwork.

It’s an exciting way for couples to capture shared love in a masterpiece.

The custom kit comes with four bottles of non-toxic water-based washable paint. Choose from 11 colors to coordinate the painting with your decor. A basic kit with 4 oz. of black paint only is available.

Everything you need to make a love and art canvas is included. The kit contains a 54″W x 41″L hypoallergenic white cotton canvas, protective plastic sheet, paint, two pairs of disposable slippers, and a body scrubber for the shower.

2. Constellation of Love

The second of our unique gifts to say I love you shines like the stars at night.

Remember a special moment — the night you met, when you proposed, or the birth of your child with a personalized starry night constellation.

Computer software is used to plot the stars on a specific date, then illustrates that particular night’s sky. The location, time and names are imprinted below the rendering to personalize the constellation.

It’s a touching way to commemorate special moments in your love story.

This artistic rendering is made to order and takes up to two weeks for delivery.

3. Personalized Photo Gifts

Use photographs as gifts to say I love you. Any memory is more special when you turn it into a permanent photographic memento.

Here are a few items you can create with photographs. Each one is a fun, unique way to tell your woman you love her.

  • Framed Canvas
  • Notebook, Magnets, Note Cards
  • Mug, Thermos, Plate
  • Ornaments, Magnets
  • Pillows, Blankets
  • Phone Covers, iPad Cases

4. Limited Edition Willow Bears

You won’t find these beautiful collectible bears everywhere. They are handmade in Australia.

Willow Bears artists only make 6 to 250 of each bear. If your lady is interested in collecting bears, Willow Bears is a good place to start.

The variety of limited edition animals includes plush and mohair bears. Each one has a unique personality and look.

If your lady likes soft, cuddly bears this is a wonderful gift.

5. Intersection of Love Outdoor Sign

Make a romantic statement with a street sign marking the intersection of your lives. That’s right, a replica street sign that stands 6-8 feet tall.

You can proclaim your love with signage personalized with your last names. Some styles include the year you met, and the year you joined together for life’s journey.

The sign can highlight your romance in your yard, at your wedding or anniversary celebration. If you don’t have room for a sign on a pole, you can buy a photographic print to hang inside your home.

Either way, this is one of our favorite gifts to say I love you in a big way.

6. New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

Chronicle your romance with this hardbound book. The newsworthy events of your special day are memorialized in a keepsake book by The New York Times.

The book cover is personalized with your names in stamped gold. Inside you’ll find every New York Times front page on your wedding date from the day you married until your most recent anniversary.

Custom books are also available in birthday and sports versions if you’re celebrating a birthday or a sports fanatic.

7. Tiffany & Co. Locket of Love

It’s time to get literal.

If you’re looking for gifts to say I love you, then you can’t go wrong with a locket from Tiffany & Co that says exactly that.

The sterling silver I Love You Locket says you love her in no uncertain terms.

The locket opens to reveal space for two heart-shaped photos inside. You can engrave up to three letters on the back.

8. Subscription Box

If your girl has a special interest, you can probably find a subscription box to match it. Monthly and bi-monthly boxes are available for:

  • Clothing, Intimates, Accessories
  • Food, Snacks, Jerky, Hot Sauce
  • Wine, Beer, Coffee, Alcohol
  • Fitness
  • Pets
  • Babies
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Board Games
  • Makeup, Perfume

There seems to be a subscription box for every interest. The boxes deliver a unique surprise each month while reminding the recipient of you.

9. Holiday Barware and Beverages

If your partner likes to entertain, then fun and festive holiday barware may be the perfect gift to give her.

Bundle some holiday glasses and accessories with the liquid ingredients you need to mix her favorite drinks. Present everything on a holiday tray wrapped with a bow.

This is a great way to celebrate the season and the woman you love.

10. Neon love Infinity Art

Tell her you’ll love her forever with a neon love infinity art circle by Oliver Gal. This glowing artwork is a tribute to true love.

The artwork is inspired by retro neon signs. Handmade glass tubes are attached to quality transparent acrylic. It easily mounts on a wall.

Surprise your sweetheart with this glowing tribute to your love.

Get More Inspiration

Hopefully these ideas for gifts to say I love you will make gift-giving a better experience for you and your lady.

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