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An organized house means an organized mind right?

Maintaining a clean house is important to remaining mentally sane and happy. There’s nothing more frustrating then having to sift through a bunch of clutter to find something you’re looking for.

But what are the best ways to keep your house clean when you have children and relatives flinging their stuff around?

This article will give you 10 secrets to keeping a tidy home you might not have thought of.

1) Mandatory Bed Making

Have it a rule in your house that all beds must be made within 3 minutes of waking up. A tidy bed equals a tidy home.

Having a bed that’s made well will make your whole room look put together. It will also prevent you from crawling back into bed and sleeping when you should be getting ready to start your day.

Purchase throw pillows you love looking at to top off your bed. This will make the process of making your bed more fun.

At the end of the day when you return home tired, you’ll be happy to see your ready made bed waiting for you.

2) Undress Mindfully

When you get home from a long day of work, it’s easy to want to throw all your garments on the floor or on one designated chair. However, this is a slippery slope that will soon lead to an entire floor monster of laundry.

As soon as you get home, put your clothes away properly.

If your clothes are dirty, put them in a hamper. If your clothes can be re-worn the next day then hang them up.

3) Empty the Dishwasher in the Morning

A good time to empty your dishwasher is when your coffee is brewing first thing in the morning.

Having clean dishes always at hand will make you feel like you have a tidy home.

The amount of time it takes you to brew a pot of coffee is about how long it will take to empty your dishwasher. Your empty dishwasher is now ready for a new day of dishes and you’ve crossed a task off your to-do list.

4) Create a Key Hook Board

There is nothing worse than needing to head out for a long day and not being able to find your keys.

Creating a key hook board near your door can easily remedy this. Get in the habit of hanging up your keys as soon as you get in the door on your key hook board. This way, every time you need to leave the house, you know exactly where your keys are.

5) Clean Your Windows

Window cleaning is one of the tasks that most people overlook.

Having clean windows is key to making your rooms look brighter and more welcoming. It also helps you view nature outside.

Windows can easily become caked with dirt, dust, or fingerprints. It’s important that we clean them.

Don’t have time to clean windows yourself? This company offers a killer window cleaning service.

6) Get a Shoe Rack

We’re all guilty of coming home and flinging our shoes off first thing in the middle of the floor. This clutters up the house and creates a tripping hazard.

Instead, invest in a shoe rack to be kept near the front door. Ask guests and family members to keep their shoes there while they’re in your home.

This will prevent unnecessary dirt from creeping into your carpets.

7) Let Your Dishes Soak

We don’t mean this as an excuse to be lazy and leave your dishes in the sink all night. Rather, let the dishes you cooked with soak while you’re eating dinner.

If you let your pots and pans soak in hot soapy water while you eat, they’ll be easier to wash when you’re done. This will save you the time you would normally spend scrubbing the dishes to get the final crumbs off.

8) Have Toy Bins For Your Kids

If you have young children it’s a good idea to keep toy bins in the rooms that they play in. Train your kids to put their toys in these bins once they’re done playing.

Don’t allow them to go on to their next event until they’ve returned their toys to the bin. This will not only teach your kids responsibility, but it will also keep your house much more organized.

Plus, you’ll never have to experience the pain of stepping on a lego again.

9) Get Rid of Excess Stuff

If you’re like many Americans, you have plenty of stuff in your house you don’t need.

One of the best ways to maintain a clean home is to declutter and get rid of excess stuff.

Chances are, you can find a way to thin out your closet or the items in your kitchen. The fewer items you have the more organized and put together your house will look.

A streamlined home is a tidy home.

You’ll begin to realize you didn’t need most of that stuff to begin with and start enjoying the feeling of having open space.

10) Bust the Dust

Dust is lurking on nearly every surface of your home. It’s important to dust regularly.

It’s not good to let dust linger as it affects air quality and makes breathing more difficult.

Schedule dusting into your weekly house cleaning routine for a tidy home.

It doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Crank up the music and dust while you’re dancing around.

Your furniture will look brand new without that extra layer of dust on it and you’ll feel great for accomplishing something.

Use These Tips to Create a Tidy Home

If you follow this guide you’re well on your way to having a tidy home that you’re proud of.

Remember to delegate chores to other family members so you don’t get too overwhelmed. You’ll be happier if everyone in your family does their part in making your shared house a clean place to live.

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Happy house cleaning!

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