3 Exterior Remodeling Projects To Make Your Home Beautiful

//3 Exterior Remodeling Projects To Make Your Home Beautiful
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The first time we see someone, our subconscious mind comes up with assumptions about that person based only on what we see.

First impressions are important, and they’re important for your house too.

An overgrown yard or an old, deteriorating porch can reflect on you and the rest of your home. But all it takes are some simple remodels to turn that all around.

To keep people from thinking you are the outside of your house, check out some of these easy exterior remodeling ideas.

Work on the Porch

Your front porch is one of the most noticeable parts of the house from the outside. A big porch represents a friendly, sociable house, but a small porch or a house without a porch makes the house seem closed off.

The front porch is a great choice for some exterior remodeling because it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Even if you don’t have a porch at all, you can add one to your house with a pretty small budget.

And one of the main things you should add to your porch during your remodel is wooden railings. These will open up your porch and give it a layer of dimension.

Modern columns are also a good choice, especially if you currently have columns that are beginning to show their age. A few new columns will turn your porch into a sleek and stylish space.

If you’re ready to get brave, try replacing the front door with a bright, colored door. Paint your door sky blue, fire-engine red, or even pink! This will make your house stand out from all the other boring-doored houses in the neighborhood.

Spice up the Outside Walls

This could be something as simple as a new paint job or as elaborate as completely new paneling.

But when you aren’t sure what else to do, always go for the paint.

A new coat of paint can work wonders for your house. It will brighten up the whole yard and make the property appear neater and cleaner.

If you want to replace the paneling but can’t afford to do so for the whole house, you can always make the changes on the front wall and simply paint the rest of the walls to match (if what you choose isn’t too different from what you originally had.)

Replacing the windows is another great way to make your house look nicer, especially with the added touch of some modern shutters (check out S:CRAFT shutter designs). Bigger, clearer windows will make your house appear more open and inviting.

Get Creative with Your Landscaping

Large, unruly bushes, dying plants, or patchy lawns all make your house look older and in worse shape than it really is.

Bad landscaping can distract from the true beauty of your home.

It’s relatively simple to improve your landscaping because all you have to do is pull out the plants that are detracting from the house and add younger, fresher plants in their place.

If you have a lot of dark greens in your yard, add some spots of color with different flowers.

If you want to do something elaborate with your yard, you can always plant full-grown trees to give your house some character. Just make sure they don’t block the view of your house too much.

Exterior Remodeling Makes Your House Beautiful Again

A few simple outside remodels can make your house unrecognizable. The outside of your home is the first thing people see when they drive up, so it should look just as nice as the rest of your house.

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