10 Major Benefits Of Makeup That Every Lady Needs To Know

//10 Major Benefits Of Makeup That Every Lady Needs To Know
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Hate to wear makeup? You’re not alone!

But unfortunately, you’re missing out on some of the key benefits.

Not only can makeup change the way you look, but it can also change the way you feel.

Read on to learn about the benefits of makeup and why you should give it a try.

Look Healthy

Had a late night out with friends? Burning the midnight oil at work?

Whatever the reason; bags under the eyes, dark circles, pale, sallow and splotchy skin can all contribute to an overall unhealthy appearance.

If you’ve ever had someone say “you look tired”, to you in the middle of the day, makeup will be your friend and make you appear well-rested, invigorated and even glowy.

Make a Great First Impression

You only get one shot at a first impression, so why not make it count?

A little makeup will make it look like you’re someone who makes an effort with their appearance.

This can easily translate into the belief that you’ll take great care and make an effort when it comes to other aspects of your life like your job or relationships.

Feel Sexy in Your Own Skin

When you feel confident and sexy, it shows. You walk a little taller and smile a little brighter. Even every-day, light makeup can give you the confidence you need to get through the task at hand.

You’ll feel like your best self and you can’t go wrong there.

Create a Stronger Mindset

The same way a power suit can make you feel ready for that meeting or the perfect-fitting workout ensemble can give you the guts to try that new exercise class, a face of makeup can make you ready to tackle any tough situation that comes your way.

Makeup gets us ready to take on a certain role or persona and can leave you invigorated and ready for whatever comes at you.

Connect with Others

Makeup is a great way to connect with other women.

“I love that shade of lipstick, what is it?”, is a great conversation starter and way to create common ground with someone you may not have otherwise spoken to.

Look Put Together Even If You’re a Mess

Sure, your house is a mess, you’re wearing your laundry day underwear and you forgot to put deodorant on before you left the house. Throw on a great lipstick or a swipe of mascara and no one would ever know!

Putting on a little makeup can make you look like you’ve got it together even if you don’t.

Have Fun

Playing with makeup is a form of creative expression. They are called “makeup ARTISTS” after all.

Show people who you are through the makeup you wear on your face! Between bold colors and intricate designs and details, there are so many places to go and ways to experiment in the makeup world.

Keep Skin Clear

This may sound counterintuitive but wearing makeup can actually help to keep your skin clear because you won’t be touching it all day with your oily fingers.

On average, we touch our face 2,000-3,0000 times per day. That’s an easy way to breakout but you’ll be less likely to touch your face if you have makeup on.

Built-In Self Care

If you’re a person on the go, maybe you don’t have time for a long bath or a monthly facial.

Putting on a little makeup every day is built-in self-care time where it’s just about you and doing something that brings you joy and makes you feel like your best self.

Protection Against the Sun

If you have trouble applying sunscreen to your face on a regular basis, makeup could help. Many foundations like Dermacol Makeup Cover, now have SPF built right into the formula.

Putting on your favorite foundation can now offer much-needed protection against those harmful UV rays.

Try the Benefits of Makeup Today!

With the information above, you have a pretty good idea about the various benefits of makeup.

You don’t have to cake it on every day to feel it’s positive effects. Give it a try and decide what’s best for you.

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