10 Heartfelt Ways to Remind Your Parents That You Love Them

//10 Heartfelt Ways to Remind Your Parents That You Love Them
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Studies have shown that most kids get along well (or, at least, well enough!) with their parents. They’re able to maintain good relationships, and parents are usually a good influence on kids’ lives.

But when did “getting along” become enough? What happened to loving your parents?

The truth is, you do love your parents! Right? You always have.

But sometimes, showing your parents just how much you really do love them can get tough. You can get swept up in your own life and forget to remind them.

Every now and then, you should take the time to show your parents how much you love them. Here are 10 of our best tips on how you can remind them how much you care.

1. Tidy Up Around the House

This simple gesture may only take a few minutes to do, but cleaning up around the house can make a big impact on your parents’ mood and go a long way toward demonstrating how much you love them. Imagine coming home after a long day at work to find your home in a better and more comfortable shape than you left it.

Tidying up around the house is simple, but it’s a really thoughtful gesture and a great way to remind your parents, “Hey, I love you!”

2. Cook a Meal for Them

This gesture takes it a step further and sometimes takes a bit longer, but it can be the perfect way to remind your parents how much you love them.

Chances are, your parents have spent a lot of time over the stove, cooking food for you. Surprise them by returning the favor. Oh, and be sure you tidy up after the meal, too.

3. Surprise Them by Paying

Your parents spent lots of money on things you wanted and needed while you were growing up. If you’re able, surprising them by paying for something they expected to pay for themselves can be a super-sweet way to show how much you love them.

Consider going out of your way to pick up the tab, or swoop in and pay that small bill that’s lying on the counter. You might be surprised how clearly this gesture says, “I love you.”

4. Call Them on the Phone

Whether you’re living far away or in their house, an unexpected phone call to your parents can totally brighten their day. Set a few minutes aside–even if it’s only enough time to tell them, “Hi, I’m thinking of you. I hope your day is great.”

Giving your parents a call can be a great way to show them that you’re thinking of them, even in the course of your busy days.

5. Write Them a Letter

This one works great in all situations, too; whether you live a few states away and need to mail your note, or if you live down the hall and get to leave it on their bed, writing a nice letter to your parents is an awesome way to tell them about all the ways you appreciate them.

In daily life, it can be hard and awkward to find the time to communicate your true feelings and appreciations of your parents. Take the time to sit down and write them out–then give your parents the chance to read about all the reasons you love them.

6. Ask for Advice

You may think that asking for advice is more of a selfish move than one that shows your parents how much you love them, but the truth is, asking your parents for advice (especially as you grow up) can be the perfect way to show your parents that you value them, their experiences, and what they have to say.

Asking for advice from your parents is a simple, subtle way to say “I love you,” and to make your parents feel validated and as important as they are.

7. Give Them a Small Gift

While not every day is Christmas or their birthday, giving your parents a small, unexpected gift can work wonders in showing them how much you care and how often you think of them.

Small gifts like mugs, books, or personal keychains engraved with a special message often serve as the perfect small reminder of how much you love your parents every day–not just on holidays.

8. Take an Interest in their Hobbies

Your parents spent so much of your childhood driving you around, watching your sports games and entertaining your hobbies, right? An awesome way to show your parents how committed you are to them is to take an interest in their hobbies.

Maybe mom has recently gotten into kayaking–so let her take you down the river and show what she knows. Or maybe dad’s been wanted to take a day trip to that new museum–pick him up and head down there. Showing interest and initiative when it comes to your parents’ interests is the perfect way to show how much you love them.

9. Spend Time With Them

There may be nothing that says “I love you,” as simply and as genuinely as spending time with your parents.

This time doesn’t have to include anything extravagant or fancy; it may be as simple as lying on the couch together, watching that TV show you all love. Spending time with your parents shows that you’ve taken the time out of your schedule to make them a priority and that you value your time together.

10. Tell Them You Love Them

The most classic and foolproof way to say “I love you” is…well…to say “I love you.”

Never underestimate the power of an unexpected “I love you.” Coming out and saying how you feel about your parents can make a big impact and it’s famous for its effectiveness in reminding your parents–and yourself–how much you really do love them. When in doubt–just say it.

Love Your Parents?

Yeah, we know! Now go make sure they know it.

Remember that showing your parents how much you love them doesn’t have to be some grand gesture; it’s all about thoughtfulness. Just rake a little time out of your day to show them how much you appreciate them and to prove you could never take them for granted.

For more on how to love your parents and yourself, check out the rest of our happy, beautiful lifestyle content.

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