10 Brilliant Wedding Planning Tips for a Smooth and Memorable Event

//10 Brilliant Wedding Planning Tips for a Smooth and Memorable Event
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You recently got engaged and are thrilled at the idea of spending the rest of your life with your partner. Marriage is a fulfilling union, and it comes with a lot of health benefits.

Studies show people in happy marriages are less at risk of suffering heart-related conditions. However, before you enjoy a happy marriage, you have to plan a wedding!

Wedding planning can be a long and exhausting process. Even after months of working hard to have a perfect day, there’s no guarantee that the day will be smooth and memorable.

How can you take the guesswork out of your big day? Is there a way to achieve a beautiful, memorable, and stress-free event? The answer is yes!

Keep reading for our wedding planning tips and ideas for a smooth and memorable event.

1. Work with a Realistic Budget

The last thing you need is to run out of money before paying for all your wedding services. Going into your wedding day with unpaid bills or a huge debt is one sure way of having a stressful event.

According to research, Americans spend an average of $33,391 on wedding costs. However, you don’t have to use that much money and suffer financial constraints in the future. Set a realistic and manageable budget and stick to it. 

Evaluate the amount you want to spend on the big day. Divide it among the expenses, and set aside a little cash for unexpected expenditures.

2. Create a Wedding Checklist

A wedding budget and checklist go hand-in-hand. You’ll only stick to the budget if you have an elaborate to-do list.

Create a detailed checklist consisting of all the things you need to do. You can divide it into time-based sections. For example, start looking for a venue at least five or six months before the wedding. 

The list will prevent last-minute rush which can ruin your mood for the big day. Tick off every item that you accomplish and remember to stay within the budget.

3. Design a Vision Board

Vision boards are excellent for actualizing your perfect wedding. They bring everything to life and help you to see how it will come together. 

Start creating your vision board as soon as possible. You can get inspirations from wedding planning books or online resources. Outline the following details in your vision board:

  • The wedding theme
  • Your preferred color scheme
  • Wedding gown and groom’s suit styles
  • Wedding party outfits
  • Invitations design
  • Venue decor and arrangement

Outline as many details as possible in your vision board. This way, you can tackle every aspect of the wedding and create a smooth and memorable event. 

4. Find Your Perfect Venue

Your wedding venue is where all the magic will happen. Thus, you need to put much thought and energy into the selection process.

Would you like an indoor or outdoor venue? Do you want a contemporary or classic venue style? How many guests will you have at the wedding?

Use these questions to narrow down your perfect wedding location. Check out this great event location if you would be interested in a classic yet stylish venue for your big day.

5. Consider an On-Site Wedding

When choosing your venue, consider getting an on-site one. The location doubles up as both the church venue and reception.

An on-site venue has all the necessary facilities such as outdoor grounds, indoor spaces, bathrooms, and much more.

An on-site wedding is cheaper as everything is at the venue. Travel time is reduced, and photography is quicker with everything in one place. In the end, you will make incredible savings and have a smooth event.

6. Watch the Weather

What’s the worst thing that can happen on your wedding day? The answer is bad weather!

As you choose your wedding month, be conscious of the weather. The last thing you want is rain on your wedding day. Research shows that September and October are the most popular wedding months as they have fewer weather issues.

Consider these months when choosing your date. Alternatively, prepare for weather eventualities and plan accordingly. For example, you can set up an indoor backup reception in case it rains.

7. Choose Your Wedding Party Wisely

The work of a wedding party is not just to look cute in matching outfits on your big day. They should act as a source of emotional and tactical support for you and your partner.

Your wedding party can determine whether your big day will be smooth and memorable or stressful and disastrous. Thus, choose your team wisely.

Only have your closest friends and family in your team. Choose people who will help with the planning. They should work with you to create a budget and checklist, look for a venue, and find service providers.

8. Shorten Your Guest List

We know you want all your family, friends, and even acquaintances to celebrate the big day with you. However, a long guest list can make the day stressful and expensive.

Shorten your guest list to only a few friends and family. With fewer people, you have more money to create your dream menu, choose your preferred location, and pay for service providers without incurring financial constraints.

Few guests are also easy to manage on the wedding day. Consider working with a short list, especially if you are trying to cut wedding costs.

9. Choose Reliable Service Providers

When choosing a photographer, caterer, DJ, decor expert, and other service providers, go for reliable companies. 

A service provider can disappoint you by failing to deliver as expected on your big day. Such a scenario can ruin your entire day.

Before settling for a company or individual, ask for referees. Talk to other people they have served before to ascertain reliability.

Also, include a clause in the contract that spells out the remedies for failure on the service provider’s part. Doing this will keep them on their toes to deliver exceptional service.

10. Set Aside Some “Me Time”

Don’t carry the stress and tension of wedding planning into your big day. Set aside a day to pamper yourself before the d-day.

You can have a spa day alone, with your partner, or with close friends. Get a long massage, have some wine, relax, and let go of the pressure from months of planning.

Use These Wedding Planning Tips for the Perfect Wedding

Have our wedding planning tips gotten you excited about planning your big day? Start planning early and follow these tips to have a beautiful, smooth, and memorable event.

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