Your Step-By-Step Guide to Buying the Cheapest Diamonds

//Your Step-By-Step Guide to Buying the Cheapest Diamonds
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Most people only think about buying diamonds when they’re ready to splurge. You know, like for an engagement ring or a nice anniversary pendant.

Outside of such special occasions, it’s usually better to buy cheap diamonds. There’s no sense in spending thousands of dollars for another pair of earrings or an everyday ring if you can get something just as good for less. Not to mention, it’s good to know where to find cheap diamonds if you do need a special item but you’re in a jam.

Here’s your 5-step guide to finding the cheapest diamonds possible.

1. Learn About the 4Cs

The 4Cs of diamonds are carat, cut, color, and clarity. Together, the quality of these things is what determines a diamond’s overall price.

The key to buying a cheap diamond, though, is to understand you don’t need the absolute best level of each of the 4Cs to get a good diamond. It’s possible to find a lovely diamond with a decent carat and a nice cut that doesn’t have a high level of clarity.

You can also find a high-carat diamond with a bit of color to it and a small cut. The variations continue in all kinds of combinations, so it falls on you to understand the meaning of each category well.

The carat is the weight of the diamond. Many people make the mistake of assuming a higher carat means a better diamond, and that’s not always true. It’s possible for one diamond that has a higher carat than another to be smaller and not as clear.

As such, if you’re looking for the biggest diamond for cheap, you need to pay attention to the cut. Cut determines a diamond’s size, and a good cut for a good price is established by the diamond’s color and clarity. Low clarity is your friend when you’re operating on a low budget. More so, consider buying a colored diamond (yellow, blue, pink, etc) instead of a white, crystal clear one.

2. Choose a Simple Setting

Keep in mind the diamond alone is not what determines the final price of what you’re paying for a piece of jewelry. You also need to consider the ring setting or the pendant shape and chain, and even the style of diamond earrings you’re interested in.

Setting mainly applies to rings. It’s how diamonds are put in place on a band. A setting can be elevated in the center of a band or it can be incorporated into the band.

Not to mention, it’s possible to find ring settings with more than one diamond that have been combined to look like a large one. This is a unique, interesting way to work with the money you have without compromising the overall look of the jewelry you’re buying.

3. Buy the Diamond Wholesale

Another thing you can do to keep your jewelry cost down is to find a diamond at a wholesale price. This means you’d look for certified diamond vendors then work with professional jewelers to create the final product with your own diamond.

A process like this makes you jump through a few extra hoops, but it gives you a more cost-effective result. When jewelers buy, cut, and shape their own diamonds they charge for their time and creative work as well as the value of the diamond. This upcharges the piece of jewelry significantly.

Plus, finding your own diamond and working with a jeweler gives you more room for creative expression. You can custom-design your own jewelry or the perfect gift for someone else, all while learning more about how high-end jewelry is made.

But, you can get something similar if you take a second to think about how you shop! The next time you’re tempted to go to a jeweler and pick up something shiny in one of their boxes, find your own diamond first then create the piece you’re looking for.

4. Get a Warranty for Your Jewelry

Whether you’re buying straight from a jeweler or going to a wholesaler first, you need to get a warranty for your jewelry. This is like insurance for your diamonds. If you ever lose the jewelry or if a part the diamond is on gets scratched (like the ring band or the necklace chain) a warranty entitles you to repairs and sometimes even replacement!

Warranties vary across jewelers and they only work with the company you buy them from. Some are available at the time of purchase as a separate cost and some are included with the purchase of a diamond – although these usually aren’t cheap diamonds.

Still, make sure you leave enough room in your budget to invest in this. You’ll be glad you did!

5. Shop Second Hand

If you still can’t make ends meet for your little girl’s first pair of diamond earrings or your mom’s special birthday gift, shop second hand. It might sound a little weird, but it’s a great way to get a beautiful diamond at a low price.

Visit the local pawn shops in your area and check out online vendors, too. Don’t rule out consignment stores or thrift shops, either. You never know what you’ll find until you go searching.

Find the Cheapest Diamonds for Any Occasion

It’s one thing to buy yourself cheap diamonds and another to pass off the cheapest diamonds you can find as a nice gift for someone else. You don’t necessarily have to compromise the quality of a piece of jewelry for how much it costs, though.

The next time you’re shopping for yourself or another, use the tips above to help you make the perfect choice. For styling tips when wearing your new diamonds, click here.

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