Your Beautiful Life: How to Stop and Reverse Signs of Premature Aging

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Remember when you were a teenager and you always wished you looked older so you could get into certain movies or get treated more maturely? If you’re like most, you wouldn’t be caught dead with that wish on your lips as an adult.

As much as you may love the wisdom you’ve earned over the years, you don’t need your wrinkles to advertise it to the world. Instead, try these steps to stop premature aging in its tracks and repair some of the damage.

1. Sunscreen and More Sunscreen

One of the worst culprits of premature aging is sun exposure for multiple reasons. For one, the sun’s radiation breaks down collagen: the protein in your skin that makes skin firm, thick, and young.

In addition, aging isn’t responsible for age spots. Sun exposure is. Sun damage causes the excess pigment that builds up in the form of age spots.

The key is to make sunscreen part of your daily skincare routine. Reapply it every few hours or every time you go outside as well. For instance, if you have a 9-5 desk job, apply sunscreen when you wake up and again before you leave the office.

2. Don’t Go Overboard

When it comes to anti-aging skincare, it isn’t a case of “the more, the better.” If you use overly harsh products it creates inflammation, which makes wrinkles more pronounced.

Opt for natural products like those from this skincare brand when possible. Avoid products with fragrances and dyes too, because these often cause inflammation.

3. Work It

Sorry for the bad news if you’re a natural couch potato, but exercise plays a powerful role in your skin. Working out on a regular basis helps you maintain healthy circulation.

Your blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your skin. When you have healthier blood flow, your skin looks better nourished, brighter, and younger.

4. Find Your Bliss

There’s another aspect of your health that is more critical to your aging than you think: stress.

Excessive or ongoing stress wreaks havoc on your health, and that includes your skin. It can damage your cells and keep your skin from getting the nourishment it needs to stay looking young.

On top of this, though, stress tends to twist your face into certain expressions that can lead to more wrinkles. We’re talking about squinting, frowning, furrowing your brow, and other types of facial tension.

When your face holds this tension, it pinches your skin and leads to fine lines and wrinkles to develop or get worse.

Saying No to Premature Aging

Some say that age is just a state of mind, and so many of us feel more youthful and energetic than our years. You want your face to reflect the same.

The tips above can help you slow premature aging while also reducing some of the damage you already have. For more tips on how to look like the vibrant, joyful person you are, check out more articles on our blog.

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