Winner #6 Giveaway Dan Sofronescu

//Winner #6 Giveaway Dan Sofronescu

With some delay, which in my defense, is due to time difference (i moved to Delaware, US and we are 7 hours behind Europe time) and having to travel and move to US, and having my laptop not working. So many things have happened in the last 4 days, that my head cannot wrap it all up. Anyways, let’s talk business!

We had an awesome Giveaway Campaign, we almost doubled our Twitter Retweets since last campaign, we got 70 Giveaway Retweets! For all this, our intern deserves all the applause because she went above and beyond to make this happen! But people also subscribed for more giveaways and shared the giveaway picture on Facebook! All and all, the best giveaway campaign so far @INSPIRE ME! (104 people that signed up for this giveaway!)

This #6 Giveaway, Dan Sofronescu  gave away a  floral jacket, one of the most feminine trends of the summer, the floral pattern transposed into a unique and custom-made designfor INSPIRE ME Project @Estilo-Tendances,! This floral jacket is made out of cotton, a natural and breathable fabric!

Dan Sofronescu says that he designed this jacket for the girls that want the elegance and opulence of a queen, but who don’t want to replicate a history character, but adapt it to the current trends.

If you hadn’t read the interview with Dan Sofronescu, the person behind the brand, please don’t wait any longer and get to know him! Read the Interview here!

Who is the Winner of #6 Giveaway?

Lisa Lewis @lisalewiscomps

How did we choose the winner?

Through and the number generated was 14! Congrats to her!

What did she won?

This beautiful floral jacket!



Stay tuned for our next Giveaway!

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