6 Braided Hairstyles To Try This Summer

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Braids, braids everywhere!

there is no season where braids could fit better than during Summer, when everything blossoms and comes back to life. Our hair needs its well-deserved rest from all the pain it suffered during the cold winter months, and what better way to do so than by braiding it in new and different styles? In this article I will present to you 6 different ways to style your hair in a braid this summer, for a fresh, different and easy to do look everyday of the season.

But, before showing different ways to braid you hair, here is a short history of braiding your hair:

Braids are considered to have existed for as long as 30000 year ago, when they were shown in statues such as Venus of Willendorf, a figurine believed to have been sculpted around that period of time. Also, a few thousand of years after it, there is another sculpture, that is depicting a braided hairstyle, called Venus de Brassempouy. Besides this, different types of braided hairstyle are known to have emerged during the reign of pharaohs in ancient Egypt.

Braiding was known as a social art, a way of communicating things about yourself, and the style of braiding could tell another person whether you were married or not, or what was you social status, without that person even talking to you. Moreover, it all started as a series of knots and they were learnt from generation to generation and while braiding your hair, it was the time to socialize as it took quite a while.

First let’s look at a little HOW TO do different types of braid:

Fishtail braid

4 String Braid

6 Braided Hairstyles To Try This Summer


Dutch Braid

6 Braided Hairstyles To Try This Summer


French Braid

This is with the history, now here are our 6 braided hairstfyles to try:

#1 Romantic Braids

Summer is a time of revival and we all tend to be happier and wear more color and different patterns. I find all braids romantic, they have a way of making your hair look amazing and healthy, but at the same time elegant and interesting. Romantic braids can be used to go on a date, go for dinner or simply go our with your friends in a special place. They represent a great way to change your hairstyle, but also a way to make it work day in, day out. What are you waiting for? Have fun with your hair!

Here is a way to upgrade the normal, simple fishtail braid into a lovely “all-up” hairdo for a warm day out. Besides it is amazingly easy to do: you part your hair into 2 equal parts, fishtail braid the two and then attach them in the back of your head. Easy to do and looks amazing, just the extra thing you need to make your outfit perfectly romantic.

A braided side bun is also an interesting, romantic choice for a night out. It is very easy to do as well, and it gets you out of anonymity with a chic and different hairstyle to rock any spring outfit with.

The side braid is a relaxed romantic look for a warm, sunny summer day out. It is again easy to do and it gives you an edge in any outfit you would choose to wear. Furthermore, it is a great way to style longer hair so that it does not bother you during the day and it works with any sort of an outfit.


#2 Relaxed Braids

Everybody loves summer for the relaxed air it brings. It is, besides the revival of nature, a moment when you start making plans for holiday, you are happier and full of life and the weather is most of the tie on your side, unlike winter or autumn. Your skin starts glowing, your hair will soon start to get lighter and life gets better, because it is summer now. Here are a few ways to style your hair in a relaxed, chic manner for the wonderful days ahead:

Feeling hippie? The weather is so nice, hippie is in style again, so why not try a boho chic braided hairdo? It looks great, it matches the summery air, it is happy and it gives you a little bit of a relaxed edge. What else could you ask for?

A simple, disheveled fishtail braid is perfect for the summer season. It keeps long hair out of your face, it gives your outfit a sporty, interesting look and it is simply great for the warmer weather outside. Make it stay on the side and it adds up a little elegance to whatever you are wearing.

This is a braided hairstyle inspired from the Fall 2013 catwalk of Californian fashion house Rodarte. It is beautiful, it screams summer feeling and it gives you a half up, half down option to style your hair. What is it not to like about it?

#3 Half Up, Half Down

When you don’t feel like putting all your hair up, but at the same time, you do not feel like having it in your face with the spring breeze, you can opt for a half up, half down hairstyle so that you fetch just the hair that usually gets in your face and may sometimes annoy you. Here are a few different ideas of how to style it to look interesting, sleek and wonderful for a spring- time going out:

A very interesting way of doing your hair, is by braiding it in knots like the above picture. It works wonders for long hair, and if your hair is not super silky, it stays like that by itself. How awesome can that be?

6 Braided Hairstyles To Try This Summer


A cute way to do a half up half down hairdo is to part your hair on one side and to braid that part of your hair. It looks amazing and it works wonders for keeping your hair in place. Moreover, you can still have your long hair left loose to dance in the wind.

Dutch braids do wonders on your hair. They look so much more interesting than a normal French braid, and you can style them in numerous ways. Here is a half up, half down way of styling it. It looks relaxed and it gives you an air of nonchalance not many hairdos can give you.


#4 Elegant Braids

Have you ever wanted to go to a party, or to something that requires very elegant hairstyles, and you simply couldn’t be bothered to pay huge amounts of money to go to the salon and do your hair? Well, we have a solution for that.Braiding your hair can be relaxed and disheveled, but it can also be more than elegant and stylish. Besides this, you can do this by yourself at home, it is free and your hair will look amazing and you will turn heads. What’s not to love about this?

Here are a few ideas on how to do so:

A simple, yet very stylish way of braiding your hair in an elegant manner is the one in the above-mentioned photo. It is just a collection of braids, carefully pinned at the back of your head, to confer the wearer a sleek, interesting and home-mad updo. It looks, amazing doesn’t it?



Another very stylish updo, perfect for a very elegant party, or gathering, and yet another collection of braids. This hairstyle works wonders for long hair as it looks fuller, but you can do it with hair of any length, as long as you can braid it. What you can also do, to spice up the hairstyle is to combine different types of braiding, so let’s say add a fishtail braid among those and you have instantly added an extra nudge of style to your hair.

This hairstyle, is rather complicated to do by yourself, but if you have a friend who knows how to french braid then you are set. Just follow the contour of your head and it looks absolutely stunning with a very elegant dress. Besides, it sincerely looks so complicated to do, anybody will believe that you have paid a fortune for it.

#5 Combination of braids

Because simple braids are nice, but when you combine them everything looks more interesting, our number 5 Hairstyle to try out this spring give you a few ways to combine different styles or sizes of braids to change the look of your hair.

Here’s how:

A side braid works for everything, but a side braid that starts like a French braid and ends up in fishtail looks all the more interesting. Do not be afraid to spice up your hairstyle every once in a while with this kind of a combination. It is so easy to make as well, just take a look at out HOW TOs at the beginning of the article and you are set.

A super interesting way to braid your hair is the stacked braid style that adds a little edge and makes braiding more complicated. Still, remember that no hairstyle is impossible to do, so try it out! You will be surprised of the reactions of people to it, as it looks amazing and fascinating.

A post we had on our Facebook page as well, the Braid-in-Braid style is extremely easy to make and it is perfect for any sporty outfit you might think of wearing. It simply is a normal braid made more interesting.


#6 Interesting Braids

All of the above-mentioned braids were interesting, do not get us wrong, but these ones have something special and have a certain degree of difficulty added to them. However, I can assure you that after a few tryouts, you will nail any of them. The secret to interesting and complicated braids is just practice and nothing more. Once you get the mechanism, nothing can stop you, possibilities are endless.

I am pretty sure that you have seen this one quite a lot and quite everywhere in the past few weeks, as everybody is trying it out. It looks wonderful, so why shouldn’t you try it out? Ask a friend to help if it does not work out by yourself, but it is truly worth a try.

Flowers in your hair can be done out of your hair. Follow the steps of the image above and you have an overly interesting hairstyle, that is not easy to copy at all. Don’t say no to it! It looks more than great! Play with it!

6 Braided Hairstyles To Try This Spring


Last but not least, braid your hair in four strings instead of just three, and there you have it: a super interesting and completely different approach to braiding your hair!

What are you waiting for? Which style are you ready to adopt right away?

Comment bellow and share your thoughts!

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