What to Get Your Girlfriend for Christmas: The Best Gift Ideas

//What to Get Your Girlfriend for Christmas: The Best Gift Ideas
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With Christmas getting so close, you may be panicking about what to get your girlfriend for Christmas. What do you get the woman who already has everything (in some cases because she buys it for herself if she wants it)? How do you find the gift that strikes the perfect balance of where you are in your relationship and what she’ll love and use?

But never fear, we’re here to help! We have gift ideas that every sort of girlfriend will love and that will show her how much you care about her in a sweet, genuine way. Read on to discover what to get your girlfriend for Christmas that will keep her coming back for more under the mistletoe.

Lariat Necklace

Jewelry is always a gift classic, but you have to strike the right balance of style. We can guarantee that any piece of jewelry with a heart on it is something your girlfriend will thank you for, put on when she opens it, and never wear again. Instead, go for a classic lariat necklace.

A lariat necklace loops around her neck, passes back through itself, and drapes down to rest against her chest. It’s simple, elegant, and just the right amount of sexy. Pay attention to what sort of metal she likes to wear most (gold, silver, rose gold, etc.) and get her a simple lariat necklace in that finish.

Wine Club Subscription

If your girlfriend is the sort who enjoys a nice glass of merlot, chardonnay, or pinot in the evening, there’s no better gift than a wine subscription box. It’s the gift that will keep on giving throughout the year. You could even make a monthly event of cooking dinner and sharing the bottle of wine from her box.

Many wine subscription services will have the recipient take a quiz to determine the kinds of wines they’ll like. They’ll send a few bottles of wine each month, often with some tasting notes. If you know what kind of wine your girlfriend likes, you can pick out a few bottles for her first box or let her choose on her own.

Waffle Robe

Your girlfriend deserves to be pampered and made to feel like a queen, and there’s no better way to do this than with a good-quality waffle robe. She’ll want to spend all day wrapped up in the supple softness of this robe. It’s the perfect blend of cozy and sexy, and paired with her wine box, she’ll be in hog heaven. 

If you want, you can make the waffle robe a part of a larger Christmas gift experience. Create a DIY spa at home for her, complete with back rub and scented candles. Or give her some bath bombs, face masks, and chick flick movies and let her spend all day blissed out.

Spice Grinder

If your girlfriend likes cooking, it can be tricky to find her something she’ll love and be able to use and that she doesn’t already have. A spice grinder can be the perfect solution; it’s elegant enough to put on display and incredibly useful. It’s also something she probably doesn’t already have, and it’ll step up her cooking game all the more.

Fresh-ground spices take a dish to a whole new level of delicious, so along with her spice grinder, look at getting her some of her favorite spices. Cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, anise, and coriander are all good choices. If she has a green thumb, you could also get her some potted herbs to use in her grinder.

100 Movies Scratch-Off Poster

Buying your girlfriend a poster for Christmas may sound horribly 1993, but we promise this will be a hit with any cinephile. This poster has 100 of the greatest movies of all time on it with their poster art hidden behind a scratch-off layer. The idea is that when you see the movie, you scratch off the covering.

Now here’s where the gift gets really good: this gift is another experience that keeps on giving. You can watch the movies together, working your way through the best movies of all time and talking about the ones you loved and the ones you didn’t. This can be an especially great way for you to spend time “together” if you’re long-distance.

Smart Mug

If your girlfriend is a coffee or tea enthusiast, a smart mug is the perfect way to wow her. These mugs make sure she never has to get out of bed to heat up another cup of coffee again. The mug will keep it warm for her all the way to the last drops.

But that’s not all; smart mugs can keep her coffee at the perfect temperature so she has the ideal coffee experience every day. It can even pair to her smartphone so she can adjust the temperature settings more precisely. You’ll be the hero of her every morning caffeine boost.

Book of Love Poems 

If your girlfriend is the literary or romantic sort, one of the best unique gifts you can get for her is a book of love poems. It lets her know how you feel about her without you having to struggle to find the right words. Dozens of poets before have said it all. 

Pablo Neruda wrote some of the most stunning love poems in history, and volumes are available both in English and Spanish. A collection of Shakespeare’s sonnets is a classic for the woman who appreciates more classical verse. And if you want a mix of it all, go for Love Letters of Great Men, a collection of lovely words that will sweep her off her feet. 

Discover What to Get Your Girlfriend for Christmas

Trying to figure out what to get your girlfriend for Christmas can be an ordeal, but it doesn’t have to be. Go with any of the ideas we’ve listed here or think outside the box. If the thing you give her is something you’ve put a lot of thought and love into, we guarantee it will be the perfect Christmas gift.

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